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                   Some of these books I have in stock, others I will try to find for you if you want a copy. I left the list to show the books I have found in the past. S/h is $8 each to USA addresses, unless otherwise noted.
19th-century 19th Century American Carriages Museum of Stony Brook. Mostly black and white with a few color photos and a chart with colors of paint used on the vehicles. A great historical reference for the larger carriage companies and the industrialization's effect on the production, design and use of horse drawn vehicles primarily in the eastern part of the USA. 174 pages 8 x 10", soft cover.  These are out of print but I found a few copies. corners have some wear. $30
Am-hdVeh American Horse Drawn Vehicles. Jack D. Rittenhouse. Hard cover with dust jacket, in good condition. 101 pages. This book has been out of print for years but I can still find a few around. This is one of the best books printed to show a variety of wagons including Fire wagons, Drays, Delivery wagons, Commercial wagons, etc. 

I have a couple copies in good condition for $40. The pages are still good but the dust jacket may have a few tears.

Assemblage-19th-century An Assemblage of 19th Century Horses & Carriages from the original sketches by the late William Francis Freelove written by Jennifer Lang. 1971, first edition. 71 color drawings of many pleasure, business and special carriages, carts and wagons used during the Victorian times, with some explanatory text about the vehicles. 6 x 8" Hard cover, red cloth with gilt title with dust jacket. 40 pages.

$25 in very good condition.

Carriage-collection The Carriage Collection The Museums at Stony Brook In these pages you can see the various types of vehicles in production including personal vehicles, Gypsy wagon, Coaches, Pleasure Driving, Sleighs, Freight & Trade, public transportation and fire-fighting vehicles. Details include the vehicle name, maker, date (when known), dimensions and condition of the vehicle. Soft cover,127 pages. This is out of print but I have two gently used copies. $30
Varriage-term Carriage Terminology Don Berkebile 1978.  Detailed entries explain the use and appearance of each carriage or wagon with 539 illus. This is the best book for identifying  almost every vehicle. 488 pages, Cloth bound, 8 X 11 

$150 This is the last printed edition - Also one autographed copy for $300

Carriages Carriages  Jacques Damase. Hardcover with dust jacket. 120 pages. Published in 1968 in Germany.  I believe this is a first edition.  There are 23  color pages and the rest are  B & W photos of royal carriages.  A great historical reference with pictures of coins and drawings of early vehicles used as early as the 15th Century. I have 3 copies but one does not have a dust jacket - I have reduced the price on it. 8 x 8 "


Coach-building Coach-building, Technological Handbooks Originally published in 1897. This edition was reprinted in 1986 for the Carriage Museum of America. Hard cover, 192 pages with information on carriage construction, suspension, woods used, wheel making, carriage smith work, painting and trimming. 4 ; x 7 "


Coachbuilder-1st The Coachbuilder: Atlas of scale drawings First Series These books have been out of print and unavailable for so long, I almost didn't list them for sale. This edition has been nearly impossible to find - as have all editions but the First went out of print - first. While these are Australian vehicles the scale drawings will be similar to other countries. These are (high quality) reprints of Drawings that were originally issued between June 1892 and December 1896 from The Australasian Coachbuilder & Saddler. They are bound in a hard tri-fold cover and in excellent condition. This edition has 89 pages many of them are double width pages. Book is 10 x 12 " and many of the pages inside are 19" x 12 " Click here for the Contents

 It is very rare and hard to find. I have one copy in stock and an offer to purchase it.

Coachbuilder-2nd The Coachbuilder: Atlas of scale drawings Second Series These are (high quality) reprints of Drawings that were originally issued between May 1898 and April 1902 from The Australasian Coachbuilder & Saddler. They are bound in a hard tri-fold cover and in excellent condition. There are 100 pages of scale drawings - many are on double width pages. Book is 10 x 12 " and many of the pages inside are 19" x 12 ". Click here for the Contents this book is in the original box and has a signed note from S. Dobell-Brown the many who put these series together. There are other pages of interest that came with the shipment.

$800.00  It is very rare and hard to find.

Coachbuilder-3rd The Coachbuilder: Atlas of scale drawings Third Series These are (high quality) reprints of Drawings that were originally issued in June 16, 1906 - 1909 from The Australasian Coachbuilder & Saddler. This book was printed in 1987 by Stephen Dobell-Brown to preserve the information about the historical vehicles in Australia. They are bound in a hard tri-fold cover and in excellent condition. There are 61 pages of scale drawings - many are on double width pages. Book is 10 x 12 " and many of the pages inside are 19" x 12 "  Click here for the Contents

Sold.  Very Rare! These are getting nearly impossible to find

Coachbuilder-design Coach builder's Book of Design 1995 edition of the book below. The pages are not numbered but I will guess there are over 100 pages. There are 160 scale drawings of buggies, carriages and carts with the tables of measurements in the back, some older advertisements of the suppliers for paints, parts and machinery for building the vehicles. Soft cover with inside flaps, 8 x 11 ". Two copies in stock.


Coachbuilder-desing-hardcover The Coachbuilder Book of Designs This was originally published in 1909 and reprinted in 1990. It is 260 pages filled with mostly black and white photos and line drawings of a huge variety of vehicles used in Australia. There is a Table of Measurements for the over-all sizes of the vehicles - both two-wheel and four-wheel. There are also a few pages of the early motorized vehicles and some of the manufactures or supplier advertising pages. Hardcover  9" X 11 " Very good condition! Out of print book!  Table of Contents - click for the list.

$450 A very rare book - in excellent condition.

I also have the 1975 edition for $350 with a black hard cover, gold lettering on cover. 110 pages

Coaching-days Coaching Days and Coaching Ways  W. Outram Tristram Illustrations by Herbert Railton and Hugh Thomson nice illustrations to accompany the historically famous roads and perils of  travel in England during the first part of the 1800's. 367 pages, Hardcover 8 x 11 "  The dust jacket has a few tears and a name is stamped on the inside covers.

$55 s/h $14



Coaching Days of England. This book is too large to scan so I had to take a digital photo of it. It is 20 inches wide by 15 inch tall. Hard cover with dust jacket.  I have taken a digital photograph of one of the 24 color plates in the book, (see the lower left).  I have seen this book offered for sale for more than $300!
    The color lithographs is what makes this book such a treasure! I have several copies of this book but they are getting harder to find at a reasonable price. I have several in great condition, some have slightly torn dust jackets and a couple without dust jackets but the information inside is great. I will price them according to condition.

$100 in great condition. I have two copies without the dust jacket for $85 and several with pretty good dust jackets for $95
  S/h is $15 insured to US addresses.

Combined-driving Combined Driving Emil-Bernhard Jung Considered one of  the best books written on driving pairs and teams of 4 for the Combined Driving Events. A very rare book and hard to find. Only a few more than 1,000 books were published - this one is signed and numbered 997. 9 x 12 ". Color photos and b & w drawings.132 pages. I don't know when I will find another copy - these are very difficult to find.

I have one copy - limited edition 581/1000 autographed.

Complete-carriage-painter Complete Carriage & Wagon Painter M. T. Richardson First published in 1883 then reprinted in1973, and 1974, this is the 3rd printing March 1980, a small book packed full of information about painting a wagon or other vehicles; to include mixing colors, priming, tools to use, how the vehicle should be painted, lettered, striped and ornamented. A very useful addition to your library! Soft cover, over 182 pages, 5 x 7 "

$50 - I have two copies - one with 1980 printing in this blue cover and one with a brown cover from 1973 the first reprint.

Conestoga-six-Horse-bell Conestoga Six-Horse Bell Teams 1750-1850 of Eastern PA. A hard to find book covering the origin of the wagon, its construction, the iron, harness, bells and lots more. Many photos, illustrations and art depicting the Conestoga in use. Hardcover, 163+ pages, used. 7 x 10 "


Conestoga-wagon Conestoga Wagon George Shumway 1750-1850 This is a fascinating book on the Conestoga wagons, their history, how they were made, and about the Conestoga horse and harness. Around 289 pages. If you are looking for information on the Conestoga wagons or want to build one - you should get this book. Lots of photos, scale drawings and accoutrements. Hardcover with dust jacket & Mylar. 281 pages, 7 x 10 " 3rd edition. I also sell plans for building this vehicle.

$95  I have one copy the dust jacket has a few wear holes on the edges and may have some marks inside, but the book is in good usable condition.

Discovering-carriages Discovering Horse Drawn Carriages D. J. Smith A small book with many photos and drawings of a wide variety of carts & carriages with a description of the vehicles, the years they were patented or in service. If you are looking for historical information - this little book is a real value. 78 pages, 4  x 7" This is one of several Discovering books by Shire Publications in England.

$25 one left

Driving_As_I_Found_It Driving as I Found It Frank Swales 1891. This book covers a lot of information for the late 1800s plus how to drive tandem, fours, and six in hand. No dust jacket. 180 pages. Red cloth hardback with gilt lettering. Pages are mildly tanned but ultimately remains clear throughout. Illustrations and advertising. A good, firm copy with bright gilt. 5 " by 7 "
Book is in good condition especially for its age. It is rarely available for sale.
$95 + s/h
I found one more copy with a little tear on the cover otherwise the book is good $65 + s/h
english-gypsy-caravan The English Gypsy Caravan, Its Origins, Builders, Technology and Conservation CH Ward- Jackson and Denis E. Harvey reprinted in 1973. This is one of the premier books on the Gypsy Caravans. It has a lot of information about the caravans, dimensions, measurements for the shafts depending on horse size, an so much more. The book tells you about the people and the various vehicles and the parts and names of parts. Black & White drawings and photos. Hard cover with dust jacket. A wonderful resource book if you are interested in these caravans! 5 x 8 "  215 pages. These are getting hard to find!

sold but I might be able to find another copy if anyone is looking for one.

First-mail-west First Mail West, Stagecoach Lines on the Santa Fe Trail, Morris F. Taylor. This is the history of the transportation business from 1850 to 1879, that helped built the Southwest. The information was taken from commercial records, ledgers, waybills and letters showing the struggle for the Government mail contract. This book covers the roads used, the land, the physical equipment of the line, their fares, stations and accommodation for passengers, the nature of the country, the people and the trade at the end of the route in New Mexico. Soft cover, 253 pages. 6 x 9 "

$25 soft cover - 1 Hard cover for $45

Gypsies-gentlemen Gypsies and Gentlemen. The Life and times of the leisure Caravan.  Nerissa Wilson. Hard cover with dust jacket. 200 pages. 8 color pages - lots of B & W photos and drawings showing the caravans that were used by tinkers and  gypsies and the history of the people who used them. This book is getting hard to find too. This one is in great condition, with dust jacket. 7 x 10"

$25 + $12 s/h

History-carriage The History of The Carriage, Laszio Tarr. A study of the structural development and human ingenuity of the carriage from its obscure origins B.C. to the early 1900s.Well illustrated and a few photos, but much is the artist renditions as seen on the stone reliefs and wall paintings. Hard cover, slight ware on the dust jacket, 331 pages. I have two copies.

$49 + $12 s/h

Horsepower-days Horse Power Days Popular Vehicles of Nineteenth Century America, Made and described by Ivan L. Collins. 98 pages with many photos of vehicles that don't often show up in the books. A few color pages but mostly black and white. There is also information on how Mr. Collins made the models of these vehicles, for which he is famous. The cover is worn a little and there are inscriptions on the inside first pages. This book is hard to find but very interesting. They are getting difficult to find.  The cover has a few dings, but the pages are in good shape. 7 x 5 "


Harnes, Vehicles, Timber and Coach Painting Harness, Vehicles, Timber and Coach-Painting A Collection of Old Trade Handbooks and Catalogues Stephen R. Dobell-Brown Published at The Dene Bindery, Australia 1980 1st edition.  It contains a selection of authentic booklet from the horse power period 1884 to 1920 with other material of that time. B & White photos, vehicle identification and other topics as the title suggests. Hardcover 6" x 8"  This is an out of print book - I found this one copy - Like new.
JJ Weekes Catalogue J.J. Weekes Ltd. Catalogue No. 2 Saddlers' Ironmongers and Manufacturing Saddlers An Old Australian Catalogue Presented by Stephen R. Dobell-Brown. Published by Dene Bindery, 1983 showing a wide variety of saddles, harness, whips, collars, bits, tools, hooks, chains and other accoutrements. 126 pages, 9" x 11 "  Hardcover. This is out of print but I found one copy - like new.
Knights-whip Knights of the Whip Stagecoach Days in Oregon, Gary & Gloria Meier A fascinating historical account about the stage routes from a part of the California Stage Company from 1860 - 1887, and specifically from Eugene City, OR to the wild California border country. This includes information and photographs about the stage coaches, the routes, the Stage Stations, the Road Agents, Wells, Fargo & Co and the colorful stories of the men who drove the stage coaches. 248 pages, soft cover, 6 x 9"

Sold out

Making-wheel Making a Wheel - how to make a traditional light English pattern wheel by John Wright and Robert Hurford  Printed in 1997. Includes information on The Wheelstock (hub), Axles, Marking spoke mortises, Spokes, Felloes, Shrinking the tyre, and a Glossary of expressions used in the English wheelwrighting trade. Hard cover, 9 x 7 "

Sold, will try to find another.

Private Stable The Establishment, Management and Appointments, James Garland reprinted it in 1902 & 1903 and used his real name. Jorrocks was his pen name. This edition is very rare - as are all the editions. Little Brown and Company published this and later editions. This has a lot of wonderful information about how a private stable was set up with many black and white prints including carriages, correct appointments, coaching horns, aprons, clothing, driving and riding bits and so much more. This is a real treasure, too few available in any edition. It is cloth bound, 562 pages, 6  x 8". No dust jacket. Gold lettering.

 I still have the 1902 edition for  $399 + $16 s/h insured

I have one copy for sale of the very rare 1899 first edition by Jorrocks. Contact me for price.

Private Stable, James A. Garland. This is the 1976 edition. The dust jacket is torn in a few places but other wise the book is in very good condition. The hard cover is orange/brown and not bad considering its age. Little Brown and Company published this and later editions.

$199 - $16 s/h  insured.

Restoration-carriages Restoration of Carriages, George L. Isles Step by step instructions for every stage of restoration for the dedicated carriage restorers whose do finish work for museums, private collections and at carriage or horse shows. Vital information for the novice or professional and anyone who wants to produce a high standard of excellence. 190 pages, 7 x 9 " Soft cover. These are out of print but I have one in stock right now.
Secrets-wheelwrighting-tyre The Secrets of Wheelwrighting - Tyres, M. C. Hendrikson This book was out of print a few years and then was revised but out of print again. Most of the wheelwrights I know have consider this the best book on the subject of the tyres. This comes from a master wheelwright in Australia. Soft cover. 92 pages 8 " X 11 "

New! Secrets of Wheelwrighting
- Timber Bending
M. C. Hendrikson $45

$45  each or both for $80 

The Third and last book in the Series Secrets of Wheelwrighting- Wooden Hub Wheels  $50 + $14 s/h

$125 for all three editions + $14 s/h

Six-horses Six Horses Captain William Banning and George Hugh Banning 5 x 8 " Hard cover, no dust jacket,  in good condition. First hand history of the stage coach routes and drivers. History buffs will love this one. Only one copy.

$75.00 + $14 s/h

Stagecoach-WellsFargo Stagecoach, Wells Fargo and the American West, Philip L. Fradkin. A fascinating and rare combination of Western and business history. Chapter 1 is BEGINNINGS 1852 - 1869,  Chapter 2 is THE NEW REGIME 1870 -1906 and Chapter 3 is FEEDING THE NATION 1907-2000. Hardcover with dust jacket, 250 pages, 6  x 9 " Some of the dust jackets may have a few wrinkles or small tears, but otherwise in very good condition! I have 3 copies right now.

$25 soft cover and 2 Hard cover $45

Stagecoaches-carriages Stagecoaches & Carriages Ivan Sparkes, "The roads, the vehicles, the accidents and hazards of the route, form floods to highwaymen, both in Europe and America, are all featured and entertainingly described." Nice illustrations of this historic era. Published in 1975. Hardcover with dust jacket. 158 pages, 6 x 9"


Two-wheeled Two - Wheeled Vehicles for Equine compiled by the Carriage Museum of America taken from the old Carriage Monthly and Hub magazines. An incredible source of info on the carts, sulkies, gigs and other two wheel vehicles. Lots of scale drawings and construction info plus & historical info. Soft cover, 342 pages. 9 X 12. Back in Print!

$55 + $14 s/h

Wagon-chariot Wagon, Chariot and Carriage: Symbol and Status In The History Of Transport, Stuart Piggott. Professor Piggott, historian and archaeologist, has studied the technology and social history of early land transportation; horses, wagons, chariots and wheeled conveyances of all kinds. Hard cover with dust jacket. 184 pages 6 x 9 "


Wagons-mules-men Wagons, Mules and Men How the Frontier Moved West  Nick Eggenhofer. In addition to this being a wonderful historical reference it also has great information on how a Conestoga wagon was constructed and how it differed from a Prairie Schooner. This exciting account of the way America expanded from Atlantic to Pacific places its emphasis on the vehicles our pioneering forefathers used and on the animals that hauled the wagons and packed the loads. Very well illustrated! Hard cover, 184 pages.

$85 I found a copy!

Wheels-across-America Wheels Across America, Clarence P. Hornung A pictorial history of America on wheels from Colonial times through the automobile era. Illustrated with over 1100 prints, engravings, photographs and color plates.  8 x 11 ".  Hard cover, 341 pages. 14th printing, in very good condition with dust jacket.

$30 + $14 s/h Priority


S/h on books will be $8 unless otherwise noted. The only online ordering is with www.paypal.com you can set up an account with them and send funds to my email address books@wildhorsebooks.com Please make a notation with payment on what you are ordering. Overseas orders - request shipping quote.

   Let me know if you are looking for something special and I will try to find it for you. If you have any books for sale on vehicles, I might be interested in buying them.

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