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Kids books about horses and mules

Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley Marguerite Henry. Illustrated by Bonnie Shields.  Molly's father scrapes together enough money to buy an old mare and they are surprised when she produces a beautiful baby mule that soon gives more to the family than they anticipated. This is a hard cover with dust jacket book 79 pages. The book is out of print and hard to find in Hardcover with the illustrations by Bonnie.

Two gently used copies in stock $50 each + $8 s/h

Jasper: the story of a MuleMeredith Hodges, .   This is a delightful story about a young mule who learns about life's lessons and he saves the day and the life of a very good friend. The story was written to express the need to treat and train animals with kindness and respect. The illustrations are abundant and expressive.  Over 245 pages with a colorful illustrations on every page! 8 by 10 inches. It's big. Hard cover only.

$39.95 + $9 First Class

 The Animated movie about Jasper the Mule is now on DVD! And it is awesome! This has already won the Silver and Bronze Telly awards!

Jasper's book and DVD special $52 + $9 s/h

$19.99  DVD only, plus $7 s/h

$16.99 CD sound track with Riders in the Sky or both DVD and CD for $24.99 + s/h

Gift Special! Book, DVD and CD for $63 + $10 s/h

Jasper: A Christmas Caper. Meredith Hodges, Illustrated by Bonnie Shields. If you read the first book - this is a must  read too!  Jasper (the mule) and Moxie (the Jack Russell terrier) play detective and come to terms with the meaning of Christmas in this imaginative and exciting holiday story! 8 X 10 ". Hard cover. Over 85 colorfully illustrated pages plus info on the writer and artist!

$24.95   Now in a DVD too $19.99

Jasper: A Fabulous Fourth. Meredith Hodges, Illustrated by Bonnie Shields. Join Jasper and all his friends on another holiday adventure. When Kylie and her father host a Fourth of July picnic for family and friends, Jasper and Moxie get a taste of freedom the whole gang will remember.


Jasper: A Precious Valentine Meredith Hodges, Illustrated by Bonnie Shields.   Jasper and friends travel to the mountains for a picnic and discover a long-lost friend and the wonderful things that can come with love.


Jasper: A Turkey Tale Meredith Hodges, Illustrated by Bonnie Shields. This latest holiday adventure finds Jasper, Moxie and the gang preparing for Thanksgiving. But near disaster threatens their plans, and Jasper and Moxie are stumped by a mysterious visitor. Join in the fun as the two friends try to solve the mystery and along the way, learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Doc Hammill's The Horses Can Do It! A delightful half hour for children of all ages. How will the work be done on Doc's Montana Ranch?  Why of course... The Horses Can Do It!

Available in VHS or DVD

$17.95 +  $8 s/h

Horses of the World Coloring book, Horses of all kinds including draft horses.


Shipping and handling will be $8 for the first book and $2 each additional unless otherwise noted.

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