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Making Model Horse Drawn Vehicle

   There are some great books available for making model horse drawn vehicles. I have a page for Tips for Making Model Vehicles, click here. I can also get some of the Wheels for the Models And I can get a few Other Parts  Shipping and handling is $8 for the first book and $2 additional books unless otherwise stated.
Peddlers-sleigh Making a Peddler's Sleigh Model: A Tutorial by Richard E. Mason This is a wonderful clear, step by step tutorial with scale drawings and all the information you would need to build each part of this model. Very well done, 74 pages, 8 x 9", comb binding. Color cover and color last page, 130 black and white photos, 25 diagrams, 1:10 scale. New book!

$28.00 complete with plans and step by step instructions.
Making-carriages Making Model Carriages This is a wonderful source of information for carriages and carts showing the undercarriage, frame, gears, springs and a section on building model wheels. Color photos throughout showing the Coronation Coach, a variety of model vehicles, the Wells Fargo coach and how to build it and other vehicles, including the Wagonette, brougham, wheels and more.104 pages, soft cover, spiral binding. 8 X 11"

 JT906 $35

Making-gyspy Making Model Gypsy Caravans This is the best resource for information on a variety of gypsy vehicles.  It is well illustrated and has a few small plans for several vehicles. You can see inside, outside and underneath these decorative wagons.109 pages spiral bound. soft cover. 8 X 11"

 JT537 $35

Making-model-vehicles Making Model Horse Drawn Vehicles This book covers more of the English vehicles including plans for the Governess Cart, Haywain, Monmouthshire Waggon, model wheel construction, and more. 94 pages, soft cover. 8 X 11"

JT502  $35

Wheel-chart Wheel Construction. Step by step instruction chart to help build authentic six segment scale wheels. The method is based on the use of a simple lathe, but a bench mounted drill could be used with a few simple jigs. You are going to ask what is the difference between the two charts - and I just can't tell you any more than it looks like the JT206 has more detail than the 1514P.  They both will help you build an authentic model wheel with the 6 segment felloes.

JT206 $6 + s/h $4

Model-cart-wheels Model Cart Wheels. This plan shows construction details (six segment) for building am authentic looking wagon wheel. Shows how to make simple drilling jig for spokes - for any diameter wheel.

1514P $4 + s/h $4

Handbook The Carriage and Waggon Handbook, John Thompson. this was his catalog of books and plans, most of the plans are available on John Thompson plans


Historical Vehicles in Miniature the genius of Ivan Collins. by Ron Brentano and printed by the Oregon Historical Society Press. All color photos of many of the miniature vehicles built by Ivan Collins. Many of these plans are for sale - click on Ivan Collins Plans.104 pages. Soft cover. The collection of model vehicles made by Mr. Collins is on display at the Historical Society in Portland, Oregon.


   The books below by John Thompson and are 7 " X 9 ".  They contain valuable information for vehicle builders and model makers. The first two would be good books for any vehicle builder.
Horse-Drawn Carriage Construction.  Methods of building vehicles from the structure, lumber to us and painting tips.76 pages.


Horse-Drawn Carriages. 19th Century carriages, plans, illustrations and ads from the trade journals in England. 100 pages.


Horse-Drawn Farm Vehicles Plans and illustrations for the English style farm wagons and carts. 78 pages


Horse-Drawn Trade Vehicles Illustrations and a few plans for a variety of vehicles taken from the trade journals in England around 1894, 64 pages


Wheelwright's Trade Although this book is not on the model wheels it is still a great reference book on how the wheels were made, timber used, repairs and tools of the trade. 72 pages.


Shipping and Handling is $8 for one book and $2 for each additional book.


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