Model Horse-Drawn Vehicles for sale

Here are some wonderful model horse-drawn vehicles already assembled and painted for display. Click on each maker to see the models.

Jim Roark lives in the beautiful Sonora Desert in Arizona. After much research and study, he has built a series of 1/16 scale wagons that were used in the west. They are constructed to scale out of basswood, balsa wood, plastic, metal, wire and cloth. They are glued and nailed together carefully so that the finished model is solid and should last for many years. Each wagon is approx. 8" long by about 6" high.
 Franklin Mint vehicles which includes the Wells Fargo Stage Coach and their whole line of cars, tractors, ships, planes, dolls etc. I will only display the horse drawn vehicles on this site to save time and space - but let me know if you want something else. Horses and stagecoach set is currently on back order.
Kulp Enterprises  Quality model vehicles some are premade and others may be made to order.