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for building Horse Drawn Vehicles

The paint, horses or people are not provided unless otherwise stated.

 Model Trailways

I opened two of the kits and was amazed at the parts provided which includes a sheet of  brass parts, metal hubs, copper like chain, brass nails, four tiny drill bits, rods, canvas and laser-cut basswood, complete with parts list, scale drawings on five large format paper and instructions! These are the best kits I have ever seen!
I have just been authorized to offer a sale price on some of the kits below but I do not know for how long this will last - please confirm the price with me before you order. Price is subject to change.
buckboard-kit Buckboard Kit features laser-cut basswood sheets and basswood strips. Expertly cast Britannia metal parts include sprigs, axles, front & rear foot steps, luggage rail, seat rail, apron hand rail, cross and axle braces, couplings, fifth wheel, mounting brackets, whip holder and many other details. A sheet of photo-etched brass parts provides additional life-like detail. Detailed plan drawings and 32-page illustrated instruction manual assure trouble-free assembly. 1:12 scale
Length 9 3/4" - Width  5 1/4" - Height of carriage 5 1/4"
Difficulty level: intermediate.

MS6004 $279.99 + s/h   Sale $119.99 
doctors-buggy Doctor's Buggy Kit by Model Trailways. Designed  for historical accuracy and easy assembly. Fine basswood and cherry parts are laser cut to eliminate tedious sanding and shaping. Perfectly machined aluminum hubs, wooden spokes and rims replicate the wheels. Photo-etched brass and cleanly cast Britannia metal parts add life-like detail. Three sheets of plans and illustrated instructions explain every stage of construction. 1:12 scale. Length 8", width 5 1/2", and 8" tall.
Kit # MS6003 $147.99 + s/h Sale price limited to stock on hand $99.99
concord-stagecoach-kit Concord Stagecoach Kit by Model Trailways 
Laser cut basswood & plywood parts. Over a dozen 24” basswood strips, Wooden dowels, Photo-etched brass detail sheet, Over 100 brass bars, rods, nails & detail parts, Cast Britannia metal door hinges & axles, Cotton line & fabric, Decal sets for Wells Fargo & Butterfield Overland companies. 1:12 scale. Length 13 3/4", Height 8 3/4"

Kit # MS6001  $279.99 + s/h  Sale price limited time - $159.99
Conestoga-kit Conestoga Kit by Model Trailways  1750-1850 era
This kit is the most historically accurate Conestoga wagon ever produced. Highly detailed realistic material include laser-cut basswood body and wheel parts, metal hubs and axels, miniature nails, canvas cover and scale rope and chain. A sheet of photo-etched brass parts replicates the hardware and decorations of a full size vehicle. The finished model is complete with working brakes and suspension. Five sheets of plans plus clearly written illustrated instructions make building easy.  1: 12 scale, Length 19", Height 9", Width 6".

Kit # MS6001  $279.99 + s/h Sale price limited time $159.99
Chuck wagon kit  Cowboy Chuck Wagon c. 1860 New!
Model Trailways’ kit contains everything you need to build an authentically detailed scale model. Basswood parts are laser cut for a perfect fit. True-to-life accessories include brass rod, rings, eyebolts and photo-etch detailing. Spoke wooden wheels with machined aluminum hubs and rubberized rims are as realistic as you can get. Canvas cover, miniature rope and blackened metal chain, miniature nuts and bolts add the final touches to a beautiful model and valuable keepsake. Design, plans, instructions, and prototype model by Bob Crane
Six sheets of clearly drawn plans and illustrated assembly book guide you through construction. Length 10”,Height 9”,Scale 1:12
Kit # MS6005 $149.99 + s/h
Model-Limber    American Civil War Artillery Limber Guns of History Limited Edition, Signature Series. This was an indispensable piece of equipment during the American Civil War. it was a single two-wheeled cart designed to carry an ammunition chest pulled by a team of horses. A canon was hooked to its rear when the army was on the move. Kit features historically accurate and perfectly scaled, laser cut basswood parts, cleanly cast Britannia metal and brass components, clearly written instructions - estimated assembly time 5 - 10 hours.  Length 7 7/8", Width 3 3/4", Height 3 1/4", Scale 1:16
Kit #MSS4002SS $69.99 + s/h
James_Cannon   American Civil War Artillery James Cannon 6-pounder, Model 1841. Guns of History Limited Edition, Signature Series. A large number of these 6-pounders were used by both sides. When the advantages of rifled guns that fired across greater distances became apparent, many of these older smoothbores were converted into rifled weapons. This 1841 was one of the converted artillery pieces. Accuracy and range were greatly improved by re-boring its 3.67" caliber to 3.8" and rifling it in then "James" fashion to accept the patent projectiles designed by General Charles T. James. Historically accurate and perfectly scaled, laser cut parts, single- piece machined brass cannon barrel, accurately reproduced wheels with wooden spokes. clearly written illustrated instruction. Assemble and painting time 5 - 10 hours. Length 8", Width 4", Height 3 1/4". Scale 1:16
Kit # MS4007SS $89.99 + s/h

Pennsylvanian Dutch Wooden Kits

1/12th Scale. Wood is die cut out of balsa - pieces must be cut apart and assembled. Instructions included. Ages 12 thru Adult. S/H to US Addresses is $14 first kit -  $2 each additional kit or Horse. These are all new - factory sealed. You may click on the photo of the kit for a larger view. I have most everything in stock. One of my customers sent a photo and size of one of the kits. So I will provide that information below. Supply is limited

1000 Amish Family Carriage


1001 Mennonite Family Carriage


1002 Amish Courting Buggy


1003 Mennonite Courting Buggy


1004 Amish Market Wagon


1005 Spring Wagon  The bed is 6.5" by 3", the overall size (if you were going to put it in a display box) is 14.5" by 3.75". 


2006 Surrey Without Top


2000 Surrey with Fringe Top


2009 Frontier Buggy


Shipping and handling on the Dutch Kits above is $14 for first kit and $2 for each additional kit. 


Allwood Brand Kits

The Allwood Brand kits are out of edition and limited to stock on hand only. The scale is 1/16th.  Shipping/handling is $14 to US addresses. I am phasing out these kits and will offer a sale price with inquiry.

Beer-wagon Beer Wagon  Allwood Brand. 1/16th scale. Authentic Wooden wheels. Pre-cut pieces. All trim with complete instructions. Paint is not included.  9" long x 5 " High x 4 " wide.


Chuck-wagon Chuck Wagon Allwood Brand. 1/16th scale replica, pre-cut parts an all trim with complete instructions for assemble. Wooden wagon wheels. All wooden parts except for the canvas cover and a few eye bolts and wood screws and thin wire for the cover. Still in plastic seal. Ages 12 to Adult.  11 " long x 6 " high x 4 " wide.


Conestoga-wagon Conestoga Wagon Kit Allwood Brand. 1/16th scale replica, precut pieces, all trim with complete instructions for easy assembly.  11 " long x 6 " high x 4 " wide. Ages 12 to Adult.


Covered-wagon Covered Wagon Kit Allwood Brand. 1/16th scale replica, pre-cut parts an all trim with complete instructions for assemble. All wooden parts except for the canvas cover and a few eye bolts and wood screws and thin wire for the cover. Ages 12 to Adult.  11" long x 6 " high x 4 " wide.



Stagecoach Kit Allwood Brand  1/ 16th scale. This kit has been discontinued and is hard to find.  All wood parts except a few screws and a piece of thin wire - instructions are included. Ages 12 to Adult. 9 " long x 6 " high x 4 " wide.


Carved Horse Team with Harness Assembly kit by Allwood Brand. These 2 horses are 1/16th scale to accompany the Allwood kits above. The horses are 4 " x 4 " x 1 ⅜" thick. These are pre-carved in Ponderosa Pine and ready for detailed finishing. Complete with harness material and instructions for making harness.


Mule Team, "Old West" Wooden Kit Wagon Masters scale models by Craft Master. The 2 mules are 5" long, 1" wide and 4 " tall. They are pre-carved in Ponderosa Pine ready for detailed finishing. The scale is 1/16th and would work for the Allwood brand kits above. The strapping material for harness is included with instructions.


20 Mule Team Borax wagon, water wagon and 20 mules. Plastic snap together parts. Everything is still in the unopened plastic bags complete with instructions. Suggested board size for assembly is 45" long, 3 " wide. This one is long out of edition but reminiscent of the Death Valley Days. Price is subject to change based on inventory. They are getting harder to find.

$45 + $7 s/h


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