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Wild Horse Books is currently the largest provider of horse drawn vehicle plans and books on the Internet and maybe the WORLD!
 Here is how it started:

   Around 1976, I was elected Secretary/Treasurer  for the North Idaho Draft Horse Association. My first job was to create a newsletter which I named the News Spreader. As the publishing/editor, I received many inquires over the next 3 years from people looking to buy another horse, or people asking who repairs wheels, and who makes harness and many other requests. I thought these questions were probably being asked all over the country and I figured someone should publish a directory of the draft horse supporting businesses.

     I presented the idea to the North Idaho Draft Horse Association and the membership agreed this would be a valuable resource but no one wanted to take on the project. The members of the Association suggested I pursue this and they would support my efforts by advertising their businesses in the directory. After a great deal of thought I decided it would be a good thing, so in 1980 I published the first issue of the annual directory called The Reach.
    In order to promote this publication, I attended several national draft horse sales and events to sell copies of the directory and to solicited advertisers for the next year's issue. Since I was traveling 1700 miles from home,  I took with me a couple books about draft horses published by Lynn Miller of the Small Farmer's Journal and sold subscriptions to this magazine to helped to pay gas and other expenses.    
    I received good response to both The Reach and The Small Farmer's Journal so the next year I took a few more books with me to the events. Then the next year I got a bigger table and sold more books, then calendars ... and I found more books and the rest is history.
    What started as a small card table size booth, developed into shelves and shelves of over 200 titles of books on Draft Horses, Driving Horses, Horse Drawn Vehicles, Equine Health, kids books and calendars with draft horses published by Mischka Farm. Somehow and I really don't remember how it happened, I found a source of plans for building horse drawn vehicles. The interested in these plans became over whelming! I now have over 100 individual plans or blueprints for building vehicles and many books on the subject as well.
    Some people want to build a full size - usable vehicle and other people want to build model or miniature vehicles. Many of the plans I sell can do either or both. Some of the plans are better for models and others came from the trade publications in the late 1800's early 1900's for building the real thing.
    I have now located a huge supply of plans from 8 sources and I am always on the look out for more. So keep checking back.
   If you know about any resources that I do not already provide - please let me know. Or if you are looking for something that you don't see on this site - let me know that too. I will try to help you find what you need.  There are always new books being written and published and sadly there are a few books that go out of print - but occasionally I can find a copy on a secondary market. So feel free to ask if you are looking for something in particular.
   You may place an order over the phone or through the mail and use a credit card.  I accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover. You may also use PayPal with an email order. Or send a check or money order with a list of what you want. I am small home business but I get many phone calls so always include a list of what you want with your name, address, phone, and email address, when you order. 
   Enjoy the site - there is lots to see!


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