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  I get so many requests for information on the stagecoach that I have decided to create a page for this vehicle. Some of this info will be for model makers and some will be how to build full size stagecoaches and some of the books listed will be for the historian seeking more information on the days that the stagecoach connected the west to the rest of the world. There are also a few kits and models. These items will also be found in the other pages - but this will sum it up on one page as best as I can. Some of these books are out of print but often I can find a copy for you if requested. I do not have ONLINE ordering - you will have to call with credit card, mail a check or money order or use to send the money. I can combine the s/h if you are ordering several items. My account with Paypal is my email address S/h is $8 for the first books and $2 for each additional unless otherwise noted for the larger books. Out of country s/h will cost more.


Abbott-Downing-co Abbott, Downing Co Their catalog & price list from 1895 with pictures and drawings of their Coaches, buggies and wagons. 32 pages, soft cover 5 X 8 


Abbott-Downing: Coach and Wagon Makers to the World. New book by the New Hampshire Historical Society presenting an overview of the history of this company and the art and science of coach decoration. Also a list of known surviving Concord coaches.
Soft cover,  8 1/2 x 11", 60 pages.


American Horse-Drawn Vehicles Jack D. Rittenhouse. One of the greatest books with a wide variety of buggies and wagons of all kinds. The book is out of print - but I have found a few copies with the dust jackets. Some jackets have slight tears but the book is in very good condition. Hard cover 8 X 11.

$40.00 gently used

Carriage-collection The Carriage Collection, The Museums at Stony Brook  The 80 vehicles listed and described in this book is a small part of the entire collection. In these pages you can see the various types of vehicles starting with a few European vehicles that were used before production began in the US and includes Personal Vehicles, Gypsy wagon, Coaches, Pleasure Driving, Sleighs, Freight & Trade, public transportation and fire-fighting vehicles. Details include the Vehicle name, maker, date (when known), dimensions and condition of the vehicle. Soft cover,127 pages. This is going out of print! Also see the companion book 19th Century of Carriages.

$30 Out of Print -one copy left


Carriage Terminology Don Berkebile One of the most important books for your library. Detailed entries explain the use and appearance of each carriage or wagon with 539 illus. This is the best book for identifying of almost every vehicle. 488 pages, Cloth bound, 8 X 11 This is out of print and I have a limited supply of new books. I am trying to get it printed again - but no guarantees. Mr. Berkebile died July 28, 2008.

$150 + $14 s/h  This book is out of print - two left

First-mail-west First Mail West, Stagecoach Lines on the Santa Fe Trail, Morris F. Taylor. This is the history of the transportation business from 1850 to 1879, that helped built the Southwest. The information was taken from commercial records, ledgers, waybills and letters showing the struggle for the Government mail contract. This book covers the roads used, the land, the physical equipment of the line, their fares, stations and accommodation for passengers, the nature of the country, the people and the trade at the end of the route in New Mexico. Soft cover, 253 pages. 6 x 9 "

$25 soft cover - 1 Hard cover for $45

HD-com-veh Horse-Drawn Commercial Vehicles, Don Berkebile. Very well illustrated resource book covering hundreds of 19th century vehicles used in business including stagecoaches, deliver wagons, fire engines & more.
255 photos & Illus.160 pages. Soft cover 8 X 11


HD-mail Horse Drawn Mail Vehicles, James H. Bruns. A pictorial scrap book of overland vehicles, urban postal vehicles and rural free delivery vehicles.72 pages. 8 " X 11 "


Stagecoach-building The How to Book of Stagecoach Building, Jay D. Lambert Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build a Wells Fargo style stagecoach. Soft cover 8 X 11. Out of print. I hope they will reprint but it us up to the Lambert heirs.
Knights-whip Knights of the Whip Stagecoach Days in Oregon, Gary & Gloria Meier This book is out of print, but I have found a few new copies. I placed it in this category because it has significant information for people interested in stage coaches, stations, the drivers (whips), Wells Fargo & Co, the road-agents and history of the routes from N. CA to Junction City, OR. approx 6 x 9", 250 pages, soft cover.

sold out

Marshall-collection The Marshall Collection: Horse-Drawn Commercial VehiclesAn extensive collection of over 90 horse-drawn vehicles including rare wagons, carts, vans, trolleys, coaches, sleighs, buses, cabs, fire-fighting equipment, and much more - all showed in beautiful color photos showing the front and back side of this amazing collection of vehicles. Hard cover, 198 pages, 8 x 10"

$39 s/h $12
Six-horses Six Horses Captain William Banning and George Hugh Banning 5 x 8 " Hard cover, no dust jacket,  in good condition. For more of the first had history of the stage coach routes and drivers. History buffs will love this one.

I found one copy $75 + $12 s/h

Stagecoach-rare Stagecoach Rare Views of the Old West 1849-1915 Sandor Demlinger Over 200 authentic photos of life in the old west. The Stagecoaches, wagons, towns and the people who lived on the frontier of America. Abbott Downing & Henderson stagecoaches and so much more 176 slick pages. 11" X 8 "


Stagecoaches Stagecoaches Across the American West 1850-1920  John A Sells This is an historically accurate and a comprehensive guide on how the stagecoach contributed to the settling of the West. The 28 chapters are set up for easy reference and includes information about specific areas or states for the stage routes and the different stage lines in competition for the fares. Great photos and route charge complete this book with 36 b & w photos, 27 color photos, 16 page color section. 11 x 8 " Soft cover, 336 pages.

$44.95 + $12 s/h

Stagecoach-WellsFargo Stagecoach, Wells Fargo and the American West, Philip L. Fradkin. A fascinating and rare combination of Western and business history. Chapter 1 is BEGINNINGS 1852 - 1869,  Chapter 2 is THE NEW REGIME 1870 -1906 and Chapter 3 is FEEDING THE NATION 1907-2000. Hardcover with dust jacket, 250 pages, 6  x 9 " Some of the dust jackets may have a few wrinkles or small tears, but otherwise in very good condition! I have 3 copies right now.

$25 soft cover and Hard cover $45

Stagecoaches-carriages Stagecoaches & Carriages Ivan Sparkes, "The roads, the vehicles, the accidents and hazards of the route, form floods to highwaymen, both in Europe and America, are all featured and entertainingly described." Nice illustrations of this historic era. Published in 1975. Hardcover with dust jacket. 158 pages, 6 x 9"

Sold - let me know if you want one and I will try to find one.

Wagons-mules-men Wagons, Mules and Men How the Frontier Moved West  Nick Eggenhofer In addition to this being a wonderful historical reference it also has great information on how a Conestoga wagon was constructed and how it differed from a Prairie Schooner. This exciting account of the way America expanded from Atlantic to Pacific places its emphasis on the vehicles our pioneering forefathers used and on the animals that hauled the wagons and packed the loads. Very well illustrated! Hard cover, 184 pages.

Sold out, I might be able to find another copy

WellsFargo-images Wells Fargo, Images of America Dr. Robert J. Chandler Historic photos representing the banking company, the men and women who worked for the company and the stagecoaches that transported the people, mail and gold. 128 pages, soft cover, 6  " x 9 "




Most of these are useful for building full size Stagecoaches or for building models.

 s/h is $8 unless otherwise noted.

Concord-coach Concord Coach, Ivan Collins - 1/8th scale.


Yellowstone Coach, Ivan Collins - while not a stage coach - it is still a thoroughbrace vehicle and was used to transport people around the Yellowstone National Park. 1/8th Scale


Abbott, Downing Mail Coach by Wagonmaster, these plans were taken from a coach in a museum in CA. It is possible the 39th coach by Abbott, Downing.  Built for Western Stage Co of Des Moines, IA in 1865. There are 10 sheets of paper. Here is a color model made from these plans.


Mud Wagon  by Wagonmaster,  the western style stagecoach (7 sheets, 24" X 32")


Abbott-mud-wagon  Abbott Downing Mud Wagon Stan Teitge This set of plans include the full size vehicle specification. The Scale 1 " = 12" or 1/8th scale. Three pages of drawings 24" x 36" and 6 pages of specs.



Model Stagecoaches

Making-model-carriages Making Model Carriages This is a wonderful source of information for carriages and carts showing the undercarriage, frame, gears, springs and a section on building model wheels. Color photos throughout showing the Coronation Coach, a variety of model vehicles, the Wells Fargo coach and how to build it and other vehicles, including the Wagonette, brougham, wheels and more.104 pages, soft cover, spiral binding.

 JT906 $35

Franklin Mint Stagecoach
Stage Coach
1:16 scale. Comes with the accessories pictured. This is not a kit - it is a complete model with exquisite detail, includes the suit cases, shotgun /rifles and other travel accessories. You can also get the 4 horses and hardwood display base - see below.

 Order number B11XK59 Out of edition. Secondary market is possible. I have one kit in stock.

Four Stage Horses 1:16 scale -  to go with the Stage Coach, includes the hardwood base with room to also display the coach.

Out of edition. I have one set in stock, used with minor damage.


Stagecoach Kit Allwood Brand  1/ 16th scale. This kit has been discontinued and is hard to find but I have a few in stock. All wood parts except a few screws and a piece of thin wire - instructions are included. Ages 12 to Adult. 9 " long x 6 " high x 4 " wide.

$65 + $14 s/h on sale for $55

Concord Stagecoach by Model Trailways #MS6001 Wood and metal parts.
1:12 scale. Length - 13 3/4", Width - 8 3/4".
This kit is one of the most detailed and incredible kits I have seen. Parts include laser cut wood, and many metal parts and pieces. Not for young kids.
Also by the same company is a Conestoga Kit same price. See pages for Kits.

$229.99 Kit + $16 s/h
There is no online ordering except with your PayPal account. You may order by calling with card number; or mail a US check or money order. All foreign orders should use PayPal. Email for shipping costs.

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