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Carriage Driving Books

Books and videos about breaking, training and driving carriage horses, coach horses and driving competitions. Prices are subject to change without notice. S/h is $8 for the first book and $2 each additional- unless otherwise noted for the larger and heavier books.

Art-driving Art of Driving Max Pape. The principals of driving a single horse and team.  Addressing harness and vehicles.  232 pages. Hardcover 7 X 9 "

Now out of print, but I can often find a copy if you'd like me to search for you.

Bending-driving-horse Drive On! Productions Muffy Seaton and Gerry Pearson, presents three CDs

Bending the Driving Horse $35

Combined-driving   Combined Driving 101 $35
Turn-out   Turnout and Presentation, An introduction to... $35
3-in-one   Order the 3 in one DVD - Bending the Driving Horse, Combined Driving 101 and Turnout and Presentation.

Navigating-101   Navigating 101 DVD -

 Best-whip The Best of the Whip - now in 2 parts. Volume One has 12 articles in 236 pages, plus the editor's choice and Volume Two has 15 articles in 188 pages, plus the editor's choice. Both books contain valuable information, size of each book is 8 X 11" $19.95 Each. Please specify  Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 or Both for $38
  Breaking a Horse to Harness Sallie Walrond. Sallie is one of the worlds best authors of carriage driving books. This step by step guild offers advise on lungeing, long-reining, safety, road training also covers the parts of the harness, explaining the fit and purpose and bits. 136 pages. 7 X 10" Hardcover. 


Breaking-training Breaking and Training the Driving Horse Doris Ganton One of the best books to help you learn about driving and to train the light driving horse and fitting harness.  Photos & Illustrations 85 pages. Soft cover. 8 X 11"

$15.00 Book 

$39.95 DVD  + $8 s/h

Care-harness  Care and Repair of Harness Robert H. Steinke. This is a photographic guide to cleaning, storing and basic repairs of light driving harness. All in color!  24 pages, soft cover  7 X 9 ".

$14.95 - out of inventory for now

Carriage-driving  Carriage Driving Classic Edition A Logical Approach Through Dressage Training Heike Bean and Sara Blanchard the bible of carriage driving, now back in print by popular demand. A definitive book on training the driving horse, and will take the novice beginner to any level of driving. This book focuses on building a strong physical, mental, and emotional relationship with your horse. Offers the basics on selecting the right harness, bit, collar to ground training, hitching, handling reins, lateral and longitudinal bend and so much more for pleasure and competition driving. Soft cover with over 269 pages, 6 X 9 "

Out of Print - I can often find a copy so let me know if you want one.
Carriage-turnouts  Carriage Turnouts, edited by Tom Ryder. from the Carriage Association of America, this informative booklet describe the colors, materials, styles and types of horses that are considered appropriate for different carriages based on the best traditions of the closing years of the horse-drawn era. Turnout also included the driver and other occupants of the carriage and the clothes they wear depending on the season, local climate and condition of terrain that might affect the style of harness and clothing considered suitable for the occasion. 70 pages,  5 x 8 1/2"


Into-long-reins Clay Maier has a series of 4 DVD sets to help you work and train your horses to drive. Because there are several of these I wanted to include them as a group instead of alphabetically by title. He is using Frisians in these training tapes. The first is:

1. Introduction to Long Reins "Long reining, long lining or ground driving" a training technique by different names. This works well for young horses and the older horse.

$67 2 DVD set  $8 s/h

Advanced-long-rein 2. Advanced Long Reining "A great follow-up to the Introduction to Long Reins. Learn how and why lateral movement taught from the ground can be a benefit to your horse."

$67 2 DVD set + $8 s/h

Tandem-riding 3. Tandem Riding "Expand your horsemanship skills and the relationships with your horses with the challenge and fun of tandem riding. And find out what to look for in horses and equipment."

 $67 2 DVD set + $8 s/h
Train-to-drive 4. Train Your Horse To Drive "An easy-to-understand, safe, thorough system for training your horse to pull a carriage. Also included, tips on selecting your first carriage."

$67 - 2 DVD set + $8 s/h or order any two sets for $130 + $9 s/h or all four sets for $250 + $10 s/h

Coachmaker  Coachmaker: The Life and times of Philip Godsal 1747-1826 John Ford This is the first modern book on a fascinating luxury trade which was also a social and domestic history of life in Regency England. Philip Godsal was one of the 3 leading coach makers, this book is possible because of the detailed records he kept of his business and personal life. 248 pages, Hardcover with dust jacket, 9 x 11".

$100 + $10 s/h

Competition-carriage-driving  Competition Carriage Driving. H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh. One of the best books on the Combined Driving Events covering the FEI Rules, horses, bridles, bits, harness, carriages, driver, grooms, training and the three phases of the events, with information on organizing an event, timekeeping and the score sheet. 127 pages, Hard cover 10 X 8 "


Dictionery-carriage-driving Dictionary for Carriage Driving Hans A . Krasensky All information and terminology is in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Incredible illustrations on the harness parts, equipment for single, pair, tandem, random and four in hand; vehicle construction, technical terms and items for driving competitions. A perfect book for translations of the carriage and harness parts. Great for instructors, judges and translators - or anyone traveling to other countries where English is not the only language. This is a hard cover book - 223 pages 11 x 8 "

$44.95 + $10 s/h

Drive-on Drive On Doris Ganton. Doris started with "Breaking and Training the Driving Horse", now this book takes the driver into the show ring with different breeds of horses including the: Arabian, Morgan, Hackney, Standardbred, Roadster, American Saddle Horse, Appaloosa, Pinto, POA, Shetland and Welsh horses and explains the proper turnout for each breed. 180 pages, 6 X 9"


Driven-dressage Driven Dressage. Lawrence E. Poulin.  Larry, many times National Pairs Driving Champion, explains what you need to do to properly perform a winning dressage test in the informative DVD.

$39.95 + $5 s/h DVD

Driven-dressage-single Driven Dressage with the Single Horse Sandy Rabinowitz. Over 70 pages well illustrated to help with improving your dressage performance, tests, gaits, transitions, and much more. 9" X 12" One of the best books for driving a single horse.

Out of print but I might be able to get a few more

Driving a Harness Horse Sallie Walrond. Author of many books on driving, Sallie shares her knowledge on how to place and fit light driving harness, properly "put to" a vehicle and so much more. She goes from holding the reins to showing horses. 192 pages, Hardcover, 7   X 10"



Driving a Tandem. Paul Doliueux All you ever wanted or needed to know about driving a tandem from carts, carriages, harness, putting to and moving off, terminology, lungeing & schooling the horses, to driving with one hand and two.  Also chapters on Randem driving; FEI driving trials in Dressage, Marathon and Obstacles. 154 pages, Hardcover, 10 X 7 ".

Out of print.  I have one copy for $150.00

Driving-judging Driving and Judging Dressage HRH The Duke of Edinburgh An interpretation of the FEI Rules for dressage and the problems facing the drivers and judges. While driven dressage is derived from ridden dressage, there are many differences that need to be addressed. 6 x 9", soft cover, 63 pages.

Driving-pleasure Driving Horse-Drawn Carriages for Pleasure Francis T. Underhill. General information in Appointments, Coaching, four-in-hand, tandem, driving, clothing, bits and so much more.  Many Black & White photos to identity a variety of vehicles. Over 164 pages, soft cover,  5 X 8 "\
The new edition has a different cover.


Driving-horse-album Driving Horse Photo Album Robert A. Mischka This is an awesome collection of over 300 color photos taken at some of the top competitions and competitors at the CDEs in 2004 & 2005. Forward by Hardy Zantke. This is not a who's - who in the driving world but it does include many of the well know drivers and their horses. Hard cover 167 pages 9 x 11"

$39 + $10 s/h

Essential-guide-carriage-driving  The Essential Guide to Carriage Driving Robyn Cuffey & Jaye-Allison Winkel A wonderful book covering topics from selection and fitting of harness and vehicles to preparing for competition and driving multiples. 350 photos & diagrams. 148 pages  8 X 10 " Soft cover. The companion Video is Horse and Cart.

$24.95  book


Guide-driving-horses  A Guide to Driving Horses Sallie Walrond A good introduction to driving single horse, pairs and tandem, with vehicle types and training. 136 pages Soft cover 5 x 8 "


Horse-cart Horse & Cart VHS with Robyn Cuffey author of Essential Guide to Carriage Driving ($24.95). This video offers tips on selecting affordable and safe combinations of beginner's cart and lightweight breast-collar driving harness for a single horse. How to adjust harness and then hitch to the cart's shafts and how to drive safely on the road.

$32.00 DVD

Judgeing-carriage-driving Judging Carriage Driving Sallie Walrond L.H.H.I. Sallie explains the judging procedure of every class including carts, coaches, mountain & moorland, donkeys, junior whips, disabled driver and horse driving trials in the America, Australia,  New Zealand, UK and Europe. 118 pages, soft cover. 6 X 9 ".
Make-most-carriage-driving Make the Most of Carriage Driving Vivian & Richard Ellis and Joy Claxton A very good guide for beginners. It compares the various single horse vehicles, harness types, driving single, pairs and various multiple hitches turn-outs, trace ends and a whole lot more! 178 pages soft cover 9 x 6" by J. A. Allen & Co

Manual-coaching Manual of Coaching, Fairman Rogers, Originally published in 1899/1901 as the rule book for all coachmen and now back in print by the Carriage Museum of America. 27 chapters covering the development of the coach, its components, how to drive it, how to execute neat turns, proper turnout and lots more about the vehicle, harness, horses and the coachman. 579 pages, hard cover 6 x 9 "

$85 + $12 s/h

On-box-seat On the Box Seat A Manual of Driving, Tom Ryder. Starting with schooling the driving horse, driving single, double, four-in-hand, and tandem to the proper harness, use of the whip, correct appointments, sleighs and sleighing, driving trotters, storage and care of the harness and vehicles and more. 180 pages, soft cover, 6 X 9".


Principals-driving Principles of Driving.  The official driving instruction manual of the German National Equestrian Federation with detailed instructions for training the driver and horse using the Achenbach method.  Hard cover. 128 pages. 7 x 10" This is now out of print.

I sold the copies I had in stock but might be able to find more.

Private-stable  Private Stable Its Establishment, Management, and Appointments, by James Garland This book was originally published in 1899 with the pseudonym "Jorrocks". The book was published again in 1902 and 1903 under the name of James A. Garland with many noted contributing authors. The 2007 edition is updated with a 24 page bibliography of newer and rare books on the stable. It has 24 chapters covering in detail every aspect of the stable from building and figuring out expenses to the proper turnout of horses for driving and different riding disciplines. Some information can only be found in this book, such as the making of straw mats or pillikins for decorating the stable. Besides the exhaustive details on everything to do with stable management, there is detailed information and illustrations for driving different carriages, riding side-saddle, riding for men, hunters and hunting, and exhibiting. 630 pages of text and 50 plates of black and white photographs.

 Out of print - I have several copies from different editions for sale - inquire on price.

Putting-to-pair  Putting-To A Pair Caroline Douglas and Sophie Adkins. Allen Photographic Guides. This is a detailed guide to the most efficient method of harnessing a putting to a pair safely and correctly. Full color photographs. Soft cover 24 pages.7 x 9 5"


Sports-driving  Sports Driving, A complete Guide to Horse Driving Trials Amanda Saville, Demystifying competitive carriage driving, this book details the three phases of competition with tips on achieving flow and bend in dressage, speed in the marathon and accuracy in cones. Hard Cover, 192 pages, Color illustrations.


Teach-horse-drive Teach Your Horse to Drive with Mary Ruth Marks VHS tapes
Lesson one is on suitability, harnessing, handling, bitting & lungeing and line driving. Lesson two is about putting to a carriage, choosing a vehicle, reinsmanship, driving techniques, exercises and etiquette.

DVD will be available soon for $40 + $8 s/h

Teamsters-view A Teamster's View Steve Bowers A collection of articles Steve wrote about hooking and driving draft horses and light horses including multiple hitches, how to use a kick strap, fitting harness properly and so much more. A wonderful look at many aspects of working with the driving horses. Soft cover 212 pages, 6 x 9".

Out of print. I found one used copy in good condition with a couple bent pages for $50

They-did-it They Did it With Horses A collection of over 400 photos from the Philip Weber collection, of the early 1900s showing horses at work. Hard cover. Fascinating photos! Over 256 pages, 8 X 11"


Training for Safety Margaret Beeman & Ona Kiser Training steps to help you achieve the best results as you teach your horse to become a safe driving partner. Color photos and lots of safety tips. 6" x 9" soft cover 72 pages.

Working-horses Working Horses, Looking Back 100 Years to America's Horse-Drawn Days.  A collection of 332 historic photographs plus text about early horsepower in America. One of the best collection of photos showing how horses got the job done before the machinery era. Hard cover. A real collectors book. 250 pages. A great gift for grandparents! 8 x 11 "

$26.95 - this may now be out of print

Add $8 s/h or as noted and $2 each additional book, unless stated otherwise to US addresses. Some books require more postage. No online ordering at this time except with PayPal and you can send payment to me at my email address books@wildhorsebooks.com. I take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, US checks and money orders in US funds only drawn on US banks. The postage may be higher on the larger books. Please ask for shipping rates to other countries.

 If you would like to learn how to drive horses - check out our other web site at Fraser School of Driving.


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