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Horse Drawn Vehicle Books

We have the world's largest variety of books and plans for building traditional horse drawn vehicles, wagons, carts, carriages and/or model vehicles. Click on Vehicle Plans to see what is available. No online ordering - call or email for questions or ordering.


  For the books below, add $9 s/h for the first book and $2.00 each additional unless otherwise noted. These rates are in US Funds to US addresses. Contact me for price to ship to other countries. No online ordering except with www.paypal.com. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or US checks and money orders.

3D Wagon Reference. Terry A. Moore. Actual 3D images of a typical farm wagon running gear and box views with gear and what each part of the wagon is called. Also an Index on parts, Wagon Dictionary and a list of wagon makers. Terry also sells wagon parts. 25 pages, soft cover 8" x 11"



19th Century American Carriages Museum of Stony Brook. Mostly black and white with a few color photos and a chart with colors of paint used on the vehicles. A great historical reference for the larger carriage companies and the industrialization's effect on the production, design and use of horse drawn vehicles primarily in the eastern part of the USA. 174 pages 8 x 10", soft cover.

Out of print but I found a few copies in good condition. $30


Abbot, Downing Co Their catalog & price list from 1895 with pictures and drawings of their Coaches, buggies and wagons. 32 pages, soft cover 5 X 8"


Abbot-Downing: Coach and Wagon Makers to the World
This newly released and richly illustrated publication of the New Hampshire Historical Society presents an overview history of the Abbot-Downing Company and an examination of the art and science of coach decoration through the work of John Burgum, one of the company’s chief ornamental painters. Also included is a list of surviving Concord coaches that have been identified to date. 60 pages Soft cove 8 x 11".


Acme Wagons A catalog reprint showing the wagons and carts they made with specs and descriptions. 56 pages. 9 X 6". I just bought the last of these catalogs from the publisher. If you would like a copy get it now, they will not last forever.

Out of print


American Carriages, Sleighs, Sulkies and Carts Don H. Berkebile Accurate representation of the vehicles used from 1850 -1900 including carriages, carts and sleighs.168 pages 8 x 9"

Now out of print but I can sometimes find a few.


American Horse-Drawn Vehicles Jack D. Rittenhouse. One of the greatest books with a wide variety of buggies and wagons of all kinds. 8 X 11". The book is out of print - but I have found a few copies with the dust jackets. Some jackets have slight tears but the book is in very good condition.

$40.00 gently used

Catalog-co Anderson Carriage Co; Anderson and Harris Carriage Co;  Davis Carriage MFG Co and Keystone Buggy Co - catalogs put on one CD by Susan Green.
$15 for all four company catalogs on CD

The Art of The Wheelwright. Dave Engel This is a two tape set now on DVD Evaluating Wheels and Building Traditional Light Wheels, showing start to finish how to build a wheel with lots of valuable information on what to look for on an old wheel. This takes the mystery out of the craft of wheel making.

 $89.95 DVD

Wagon-hubs The Art of Building, Heavy Wagon Hubs Dave Engle Starting from a rough block to cutting the spoke mortises, boring and setting the boxing, sizing and setting hub bands, Dave shows each step with the jigs, tips and pointers. You will understand the design of the tapered mortise and tenon joing as the spoke fits into the hub, and more. New DVD  61 minutes long.

$44 DVD

The Building of Heavy Wagon Wheels - DVD  Showing how to build on the hubs you have just built from the DVD above, this program explains the design of the common wagon spoke and how it is inherently different than a Sarven spoke, fitting the spoke into the tapered hub mortises, how sawn section felloes are designed and installed in contrast to bent felloe halves, how to make sure you have symmetrical wheels, setting wagon tires and finally putting back the California rivets. Now available!

$79.00 DVD

Another DVD Soon to follow:  Turning light carriage and buggy hubs, and bending wood (bows, runners, felloes & more).


Axle and Wheel Terminology:  (Part 1) Industrial Archeology of the Wood Wheel Industry In America by Peter Haddon Smith. (Part 2) Axle and Wheel Terminology:  (Part 3) Four CDS of Patents Registered at the United States Patent Office for Making Axles and Wheels. (Part 4) Broadside for Axle Gauges. As a bonus a 20 x 26 inch chart is included folded up with the drawings of 46 patents registered at the United States Patent for Axle Gauges between 1837 to 1917. On the back of the broadside there are also an additional 28 patent drawings for Axle Setters and Axle Straighteners. 522 pages.

$80.00 $12 s/h


Bohon's Blue Grass Buggies. The D.T. Bohon Co. Harriodsburg, KY. This is the 200 page catalog from 1916 scanned on four CDs. Extremely detailed with many illustrations of buggies, surreys, spring wagons, pony vehicles and harness. Color and black and white.

$30 for the 4 cds

Civil War Caisson, Field Artillery - No. 62. Book is too big to scan, at 11 x 17". Details on the Caisson including the wood work, irons, bolts, rivets, mails. Complete details, measurements, drawings and dimensions to help you build or restore a Caisson. 120 pages soft cover. See the other plans at Civil War Era

$35 + $12 s/h


Carriage and Wagon Axles for Horse Drawn Vehicles compiled by the Carriage Museum. Everything you need to know about the art and history of axle making, repair and tools used. 250 pages, 9 X 12". Soft cover. 

 $29.95 + $12 s/h


Carriage and Wagon Makers' Machinery and Tools Kenneth L. Cope As the title suggests this is about the machinery used by the wagon builders and especially wheelwrights.  This may not be of interest to hobbyist - but this would interest anyone making wheels, or historians following the industrial age. The book lists many of the machinery makers alphabetically in 200 pages. 8 x 11" soft cover.

$25.95 + $12 s/h


The Carriage Collection The Museums at Stony Brook In these pages you can see the various types of vehicles in production including personal vehicles, Gypsy wagon, Coaches, Pleasure Driving, Sleighs, Freight & Trade, public transportation and fire-fighting vehicles. Details include the vehicle name, maker, date (when known), dimensions and condition of the vehicle. Soft cover,127 pages. This is out of print but I have two gently used copies. $30.00



Carriage Monthly - April 1890 & March 1891 combined - Loopfront Phaeton, Omnibus, Wagonette, Vis--Vis, Kensington, Cabriolet, Wagon Truck, Laundry Wagon. $10.00

Carriage Monthly - December 1880 - Top Buggy, Surrey, Physician's Gig, English Dog Cart, Windsor Wagon, Rockaway & Adams Express Wagon. $11.50

Carriage Monthly - August 1881 - Standing Top Wagon, Rockaway, Buggy, Wagonette, Cutters & Sleighs. $11.50


Carriage-monthly Carriage Monthly 40th Anniversary Historical Number, The Carriage Museum of America has reprinted the 40th Anniversary of the Carriage Monthly, first published in 1904, paying tribute to the history of the carriage industry. It is filled with advertisements from that time era, biographies of the significant manufacturers and history of the magazine. This is hardcover, and a little larger than 10" x 13" with black and white images throughout the 500 pages.

$79.95 + $12 s/h This may be out of print. Contact me if you want one.

Carriage Terminology Don Berkebile One of the most important books for your library. Detailed entries explain the use and appearance of each carriage or wagon with 539 illus. This is the best book for identifying of almost every vehicle. 488 pages, Cloth bound, 8 X 11" This is out of print - I have only one left.

$150 + $11 s/h This book is out of print - two left


The Carriage Trade Making Horse-Drawn Vehicles in America Thomas A. Kinney An in-depth look at the history and development of the carriage business to include the large and smaller companies and the change from the shop to factory production leading up to the horseless carriage and a changing demand. Fascinating facts about the makers with the majority having under 5 employees and the few who employed over 1,000 workers. B & W photos and illustration. Hardcover with dust jacket. 381 pages, 6  x 9 "



Carriage Trimmer's Manual: written in 1881 by William N. FitzGerald, the most comprehensive addition to trade literature on the subject at the time. For curators and carriage collectors, this in-depth and practical book is an invaluable resource that provides descriptive text and illustrations of numerous carriage interiors: from the everyday model to those suited for royalty. The book describes the complexity of leathers, silks, laces and range of skills (tufting, stitching and binding, welting, fabric selection, etc.) required for this branch of the carriage trade. It also includes recipes for cleaning, oiling and blacking leather, polishing metals and restoring ivory, among others. 400 pages. 6 x 9". Illustrated with B&W pictures and drawings. Soft cover.

$32.95 + $9 s/h


Carriage Turnouts Tom Ryder. Carriage Association of America this informative booklet describe the colors, materials, styles of harness and types of horses that are considered appropriate for different carriages based on the best traditions of the closing years of the horse-drawn era. This also includes the driver and other occupants of the carriage and the clothes they wear depending on the season, local climate and condition of terrain that might affect the style of harness and clothing considered suitable for the occasion. 70 pages, soft cover 5 x 8 "



Carriages and Sleighs, 288 illustrations from the 1862 Lawrence, Bradley and Pardee Catalog, manufacturers from New Haven, CT, showing many early American vehicles to include a French Dog-Cart, Glass-Quartered Coach, coupe, cabriolet, beach wagon, Portland sleigh and scores of other carriages and coaches. Soft cover, 148 pages, 8 X 9"



Centennial Carriages, Draft- Book. A collection of vehicles shown at the International Exhibition in 1876 of the vehicles in production from the US at that time. An historical reference and full of information. Over 110 pages with many drawings. 8 X 11" soft cover.



Coach Lace for Passenger Vehicles by Susan Green. Susan has done exhaustive research on the art, history, uses and techniques for making coach lace and complied the information in this 515 page book. Hard cover with many color pages. I am including more information on this page.

 Out of print.


Coachmakers' Illustrated Handbook a reprint from 1875. It includes drafting, designing and construction of all wooden parts; metal-smithing, springs, axles, wheel hoops etc. with complete detailed diagrams; painting and trimming and more. 384 pages. Soft cover 6 X 9"



Collection of Essays on Horse Drawn Carriages & Carriage Parts Dr. Gordon S. Cantle. Taken from various publications on carriage design and construction, wheelmaking and other parts, this book is a technical reference for the serious builder. B&W drawings, 81 pages. Soft cover. 8 X 12"



Competition Vehicles Walter Lorch A well illustrated book to assist in maintenance and the construction of competition vehicles, including metal wheels, brakes & hydraulics. 74 pages. Hardcover with dust jacket. 8 X 10" Out of Print

$95 I have two gently used copies in stock.


Conservation and Restoration of Horse Drawn Vehicles A valuable source for museums and restorers. Chapters include - wheels, axles, springs, lamps, brush painting, spray painting, color, striping, preparing for restoration and much more. 230 Pages, soft cover.

Currently out of print but will be updated and republished soon. Let me know if you want a copy.


Coson Carriage Collection at Beechdale Beautiful color photos of an incredible collection of coaches and carriages. Great reference for painting & refinishing vehicles. Soft cover book in a hard protective case. 175 pages, 11 X 8"



Defiance Machinery Patent Woodworking Machinery 1910 catalog #200 on CD only. Click here for the review of this CD This is the 500 page catalog scanned and put on a CD - it is not a printed catalog.

$10.99 for the CD

Discovering Horse Drawn Carriages, D.J. Smith This small book is full of black and white photos and drawings of two-wheel and four-wheel horse drawn vehicles, how they were made and driven and describes the types of carriages most popular in Britain in the 1800's and early 1900's. 80 pages, 4 " x 7"  soft cover.

Discovering Horse-Drawn Farm Machinery Shire Classics D. J. Smith This small book is packed full of information on the early Victorian agricultural machinery including the plough, grubbers, cultivators, harrows, rollers, drills, reapers, binders, root lifters, manure spreaders, rakes and other types of implements. 4 x 7" soft cover 96 pages.

$13.95 + $4 s/h


Encyclopedia of American Farm Implements & Antiques, 2nd edition C. H. Wendle. The best book I have seen on the many different farm implements from the 1800s to 1940s including a great section on wagons- some are in color. 395 pages. Soft cover 9 X 11"

Sadly this is out of print but I am trying to get it back. Email me if you want a copy.

Evolution-vehicles The Evolution of Horse-Drawn Vehicles with historical notes chronologically arranged and compiled by James Reid, published in 1933 and now on CD by Susan Green.

The Great Blue Army Wagon Thomas Lindmier Wagons used and developed by the Quartermaster Department of the US Army were perfected over the years. The six and four-horse or mule wagons and the Army Escort Wagon were used from the Revolutionary War into the 20th century. This book offers the dimensions, drawings, correct paint colors and harness details. 136 pages, 8 x 11"



The Gruber Wagon Works, The place Where Time Stood Still by Carol J. Hunsberger presented by the Society for the Preservation of the Gruber Wagon Works. If you are interested in the history of the company - this book is for you. Hardcover, 196 pages 8 X 11 "



Harness Racing Vehicles Michael P. D'Amato, Esq. & Susan Green This is a one of a kind book dedicated to a variety of two wheel and four wheel vehicles used for racing including the Road Rider and Speeding Wagons. It is a benefit to the restorer providing identification tools for almost every historical cart, wagon and sulky known and there is a list of current tracks. Many wonderful color plates by Currier and Ives of harness racing . Also construction information, detailed descriptions of many vehicles, measurements and a fold out Working Drawings for building an 1885 Sulky. Hardcover 204 pages approx 6 x 8 "



Historical Guide to Wagon Hardware and Blacksmithing Supplies "Part of the 1909 Geo. Worthington Co. catalog of Cleveland, OH. This is a great reference to identify pieces and parts of wagon hardware and tools. (The cover is black with gold lettering but it just didn't scan very good so I used the first page in the book for cover picture.) 202 pages, soft cover, 8 X 11"

$21.95 + $12 s/h

Historical Vehicles in Miniature The Genius of Ivan Collins, Ron Brentano. This amazing collection has been re-photographed for this newer, improved edition. Helpful for model makers to see the finished vehicles and the colors they were painted. Color photos, 104 pages, soft cover. 9 x 9"

$21.95 Many of these plans are available - click here to see all the Plans


Hitch Wagons for City Driving Compiled by The Carriage Museum. This book is full of information on the hitch wagons and has plans for many types. No other book offers this much information on the 5th wheel wagons. 392 pages, soft cover, 10 X 12"

 $53.00 + $12 s/h


Horse-Drawn Cabs by the Carriage Museum of America. Now in a three-ring binder of historical facts, engineering drawings, construction details and turnouts from the 19th century. This book has the specifications and drawing for the Two-Wheeled Cabs; the Four-Wheel Cabs; Historical Notes and Turnouts. Most of the information comes from the Carriage Monthly and The Hub the two leading trade publications from the 19th century. 300 illustrations, 198 pages.

$32.00 + $8 s/h


Horse Drawn Carriage Construction, John Thompson. Structure and methods of building vehicles from the lumber to painting. Of interest to carriage enthusiasts and model builder. 76 pages 7 X 9 "



Horse Drawn Carriages John Thompson. 19th Century carriages, plans, Illus and ads from trade journals in England with detailed information on the Barouche, Landau, Victoria, Phaetons, Brougham, Gigs and more. 100 pages. 7 X 9 "



Horse-Drawn Commercial Vehicles, Don Berkebile. Very well illustrated resource book covering hundreds of 19th century vehicles used in business including stagecoaches, deliver wagons, fire engines & more. 255 photos & Illus.160 pages. Soft cover 8" X 11"



Horse-Drawn Farm Implements Part l Ploughs Compiled by John Thompson No. 3 in a series of sourcebooks. Soft cover 76 pages 7 " x 9 ". Contains a selection of engravings, plans and descriptions of ploughs, harrows, horse hoes and cultivators from 19th Century agricultural encyclopaedias, text-books and manufacturers catalogs." This series of 4 books are mostly about the British farm implements.



Horse-Drawn Farm Implements Part ll Preparing the Soil Compiled by John Thompson No. 4 in a series of source books. Containing a selection of engravings and contemporary descriptions of cultivators, horse-hoes, rollers and harrows, reproduced from 19th Century agricultural books and manufacturers catalogs. Soft cover, 84 pages, 7 x 9 "



Horse-Drawn Farm Implements Part lll Sowing and Haymaking Compiled by John Thompson No. 5 in a series of source books. Containing a selection of engravings, plans and descriptions of horse drawn reapers, threshing machines, seed drills and other implements from 19th Century agricultural books and manufacturer's catalogues. Soft cover 80 pages 7 x 9 "



Horse-Drawn Farm Implements Part lV Harvesting Compiled by John Thompson No. 6 in a series of source books. Includes many diagrams of the early types of reapers, threshers, etc. soft cover, 72 pages 7.5 x 9.5"



Horse Drawn Farm Vehicles John Thompson. Plans and illustration on English style farm carts and wagons. 80 pages,7 X 9 "



Horse-Drawn Funeral Vehicles 19th Century Carriage Museum of America. This is the most comprehensive book on hearses, undertakers' wagons, embalmers' wagons, pall-bearers' coaches and florists' wagons, with specifications and engineering drawings for the different vehicles. There is information on the leading hearse manufacturers; chapters from the old trade journals and a collection of engravings from Harper's Weekly and other sources. Also included are Military Funerals with Caisson and so much more! 800 illustrations, 414 pages.

$35 + $12 s/h Back in print for a limited time! It's soft cover this time.


Horse Drawn Mail Vehicles, James H. Bruns. A pictorial scrap book of overland vehicles, urban postal vehicles and rural free mail delivery vehicles.72 pages. 8 X 11 "

$21.00 I am not sure this is still in print. Let me know if you want one and I will check.


Horse-Drawn Military, Civilian, Veterinary Ambulances, Carriage Museum of America. Susan Green has done it again! Everything you wanted to know about these fascinating, emergency care vehicles. Part one gathers together the information that had been printed about the Military ambulances including the harness used. This will be helpful for the re-enactors. Part two covers the ambulances used from around 1885-86 for civilian use including specs taken from the trade magazines, drawings and harness used plus the stories about what it was like to be on a call. The third section covers the wagons that were needed to help the sick and injured horses as well as the horse plague, care of the military horse, and other life and death issues. Soft cover, 370 pages 8 X 11"

$35 + $12 s/h


Horse Drawn Omnibus John Thompson. A small variety of plans and illustrations from the early 1800's to 1910 on these vehicles used in England. 80 pages,7 X 9 ", Soft cover



Horse Drawn Sleighs 2nd edition Susan Green, The Carriage Museum of America. This is the most information you will ever find in one book on all types of sleighs. Taken from trade publications there are construction info, dimensions, materials, paint and other details. Load of illustrations and a few plans. 271 pages. Soft cover, 8 " X 11"  

$29.95 + $12 s/h


Horse Drawn Trade Vehicles, John Thompson. Illustrations and a few plans for a variety of vehicles taken from trade journals in England about 1894. 7 X 9 " 64 pages Soft Cover



Horse-Drawn Vehicles Colored Plates from the Hub, Carriage Museum of America Nov. 1882 - Jan. 1892 A unique collection of 150 colored plates with text and additional drawings. Limited edition 9 X 12". Hardcover. This book is beautiful and helpful for paint colors and striping. This is a huge book! Worth the price! Hard cover with dust jacket.

$100 + $16 s/h  There is now a Standard edition for $35

Horse-Drawn Vehicles Horse-Drawn Vehicles for Work and Play, The Collection of Eli H. Anderson at Wagon Land Adventure. From small children's wagons to large roof seat breaks, rugged stagecoaches to graceful sleighs, this book represents Eli's passion for a lifetime of gathering and restoring vehicles.  306 pages full of color photos of the collection and the history or description of each vehicle. 8  x 11" autographed copies. The index of photos takes up eight pages! Wonderful book!


Horses and Horse Drawn Vehicles. 831 copyright free line drawings of driving horses and saddle horses. 124 pages. Soft cover. 8 X 11"



The How to Book of Stagecoach Building, Jay D. Lambert. Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build a full size stage coach. Soft cover 8 X 11". I listed this twice, once here and once under Stagecoach Building, so it will be easier to find.

Currently out of print. I don't know if Jay Lambert's heirs will reprint or not. I sure hope so.


How to Build a Bow Top, Walter Lloyd Step by step instructions for building a full size Bow Top Caravan. Soft Cover, 30 pages, small but very helpful. 5 X 8 ". This book as been revised and finally available again!



How to Build a Traditional Farm Wagon or Chuck Wagon Fred Hanson. s. This is a huge spiral bound book with 557 pages, 8 by 11". There are loads of photos (some in color) and drawings, dimensions, suppliers and a step-by-step how to build everything from axle setting to water barrels, bows and more. If you are building one of these wagons - you will want this book!

$95 + $12 s/h


The Hub A reprint of the May 1888 editions with working & drawings for phaetons, t-cart, Wagonette, one horse express wagon & Piano truck. 10 X 13 "



John Deere Buggies & Wagons Ralph Hughes. Over 80 photos and 8 pages of hand sketched color pictures. Some specs and prices from that era. 72 pages. A very good resource book. Soft cover. 11 X 8 "



John Deere Wagons Catalog #31. The descriptions, dimensions, capacity and drawings of the John Deere wagons and gears, boxes and other parts. 52 pages 7 X 8 "



Knights of the Whip Stagecoach Days in Oregon, Gary & Gloria Meier This book is out of print, but I have found a case of new copies. I placed it in this category because it has significant information for people interested in stage coaches, stations, the drivers (whips), Wells Fargo & Co, the road-agents and history of the routes from N. CA to Junction City, OR. approx 6 x 9" 250 pages, soft cover.

Out of print I have one copy for $30


Looking at Carriages Sallie Walrond. Vehicles from all over the world and descriptions of each from 17th to the 20th Century. Some Color photos and many B & W photos - great reference book for collectors and builders. 277 pages. Hardcover 7 x 10"

Out of Print, I can still find a copy on the secondary market. Let me know if you want me to find one for you.


Manual of Coaching, Fairman Rogers, Originally published in 1899/1901 as the rule book for all coachmen and now back in print by the Carriage Museum of America. 27 chapters covering the development of the coach, its components, how to drive it, how to execute neat turns, proper turnout and lots more about the vehicle, harness, horses and the coachman. Limited edition, 579 pages, hard cover 6 x 9 "

$85 as long as they last $12 s/h


Manual of Falling Bow Tops for Horse-Drawn Vehicles Carriage Museum of America. This covers everything you wanted to know and didn't know who to ask about the tops, and covers on the horse drawn vehicles. 440 pages..Soft cover. 8 x 11"

$75.00 + $12 s/h


Manufacture of Carriage Wheels John S. Foggett, The first edition was printed in 1881, the 1892 edition expanded on the information. It details the making of wheels in England, the careful selection and processing of the timber and the construction the wheels; illustrated with four plates showing some of the simple machines used for making wheels. There is a chapter on tires that goes into the different tensile strengths of different metals, and the treatment of. numerous details on the mechanics of wheels such as dish. Susan Green added a huge Bibliography to encompass the other half of the book. 5 x 7 ", Soft cover, 136 pages.



The Marshall Collection: Horse-Drawn Commercial Vehicles An extensive collection of over 90 horse-drawn vehicles including rare wagons, carts, vans, trolleys, coaches, sleighs, buses, cabs, fire-fighting equipment, and much more - all showed in beautiful color photos showing the front and back side of this amazing collection of vehicles. Hard cover, 198 pages, 8 x 10"



The Old Reliable The History of the Springfield Wagon Company 1872 - 1952 This is a masters thesis presented by Steven Lee Stepp.150 pages filled with history, photos, drawings, prices, part suppliers and the vehicles this company made. soft cover 8 by 11"



Painted Carts of Sicily, History on the Road Marcella Croce and Moira F. Harris A wonderful book full of colorful photos and drawings of these decorative carts that were pulled by horses, mules and donkeys. The carts (carretti) were elaborately carved wood and metal parts painted with symbolic designs and figures. Chapters include the history, makers, drivers in Sicily and Americas. Soft cover 108 pages. 9 x 8 "



Patent Drawings and First page of text on CD for the following: compiled by Susan Green. Shipping is $4 each or combined shipping for all the CDs $10

Brakes for sleds or sleighs, wagons, carts & Carriages $15

Evolution Evolution of Horse-Drawn Vehicles with Historical Notes chronologically arranged and complied by James Reid. $15

Hitching Horse-Drawn Vehicles, double tree, neck yokes, poles, singletrees, traces 1833-1910, six (6) CDs $32.00


Horse Shoes and horse shoe making machines, nail making and related patent drawings $15


Jacks and Wrenches for Horse-drawn Vehicles $15


Springs for Horse-Drawn Vehicles $15


Steps for Horse-Drawn Vehicles $15


Trimming tops, dashboards, fenders, foot rests, step pads, whip sockets, rein holders, chafe irons, curtains, covers, aprons, and more. $15


Patent Drawings for Two Wheeled Carts Includes some additional sulkies. CD Susan Green has compiled a series of patented information with about 1,000 patent drawings. Does not include the patents for cabs and only some of the sulky patents. Includes all the images for drawings but only the first page of the text. Images are in tif format on two CDs. $15.00 CDs


Patent Drawing & First Page of Text For Wagons patents from June 6, 1826 to December 27, 1910 on Wagons. There are about 6,000 patent drawings. Includes separate folders for wagon jacks, wagon springs, wagon end gates, wagon brakes, dumping wagons and wagon poles. Includes all the images for drawings but only the first page of the text. Images are in tif format on two CDs.

$15.00 CDs


Patent Drawings & First Page of Text For Wheel Making and Wheels for Horse Drawn Vehicles patents with about 9,000 patent drawings from April 4, 1810 to December 27, 1910. Includes patents for rubber tires, machinery specifically for making wheels, felloes, spokes, spring wheels, hubs and axles. Includes all the images for drawings but only the first page of the text in tif format on four CDs

$28.00 Cds


Portfolio and Book: Split Hickory Vehicles for 1910, Ohio Carriage Manufacturing Co, Columbus, Ohio. This book has been out of print for a while and has just become available again. It was 172 pages but has been edited down to 104 pages. Lots of illustrations and information about the carriages and buggies they made, including the individual parts and different types of harness. Soft cover, 8 x 11 " 

$45 one copy left


Practical Carriage and Wagon Painting M. C. Hillick Reprinted from 1898 to give instructive details on painting, colors used, varnish, striping and more, 180 pages. Soft cover. 6 X 9"



Practical Carriage Building M. T. Richardson. A reprint of Volume 1 and 2 in one book. This covers the making and repair of wheels, making wagons & carriages and a lot more. It is a comprehensive study on building carriages. 280 pages. Soft cover. 5 X 8 "



Private Stable Its Establishment, Management, and Appointments, James Garland. This book was originally published in 1899 with the pseudonym "Jorrocks". The 2007 edition is updated with a 24 page bibliography of newer and rare books on the stable. It has 24 chapters covering in detail every aspect of the stable from building and figuring out expenses to the proper turnout of horses for driving and different riding disciplines. Some of the information can only be found in this book, such as the making of straw mats or pillikins for decorating the stable. Besides the exhaustive details on everything to do with stable management, there is detailed information and illustrations for driving different carriages, riding side-saddle, riding for men, hunters and hunting, and exhibiting. 630 pages, 50 plates of black and white photographs. Awesome book!

$199 for the 1976 edition + $12 s/h Out of print. Also see Rare Books for other editions.

Restoration-carriages Restoration of Carriages, George L. Isles Step by step instructions for every stage of restoration for the dedicated carriage restorers whose do finish work for museums, private collections and at carriage or horse shows. Vital information for the novice or professional and anyone who wants to produce a high standard of excellence. 190 pages, 7 x 9 " Soft cover. These are out of print but I have two in stock right now. $50

Schubert Bros. Gear Co, Oneida, NY This is their 60 page catalog from 1900 & 1901 showing the gears, buggies, wagons and Surreys they produced with the over all size and basic dimensions. 9 x 6" soft cover.



Secrets of Wheelwrighting -Tyres M. C. Hendrickson Most of the wheelwrights I know have consider this the best book on the subject. This comes from a master wheelwright in Australia. Soft cover 82 pages 8 X 11 ".



Secrets of Wheelwrighting - Timber Bending M. C. Hendrickson The second book is now in print with all the secrets from a master wheelwright in Australia on wood moisture, cell softening and so much more on bending and forming wood. Soft cover, 82 pages, 8 X 11 "

$45 or get both Secrets books $80 + $12 s/h  These are imported from Australia

Secrets of Wheelwrighting - hubs NEW! The Secrets of Wheelwrighting- Wooden Hub Wheels and More, M. C. Hendrikson OAM Wheelwright, Coachbuilder & Blacksmith. The third book and last in the series. This is an original work, simply explained and not a rehash of old or other books! The old, new and modern hand & power tool system of building wooden wheels with all the necessary charts, drawings, photos, jigs, machines & processes.
   Component names, Spoke lines, Dish, Wooden hubs, Spoke basics, Mathematics of dish, Spoke numbers, Four wheel vehicles, Shoulder spoke wheels, Shoulder spokes, Hub blocks, Turning hubs, Mortising hubs, Making spokes, Driving the spokes, Felloes, Axle setting, Wheel tread, Cutting felloes, Fitting felloes, Tanging spokes, Fitting rims, Axles, Stubs & boxes, Drawings for tapered roller boxes, Boxing wheels, Taper spoke wheels, Plug spoke wheels, Sarven hub wheels, Warner hub wheels, Making old car wheels, and more! 260 A4 pages with over 300 illustrations, drawings and photographs.
$50  + $12 s/h This book is even larger than the first two in the series.
$125 for all three editions + $14 s/h

Sheepwagon, Nancy Weidel is a wonderful book offering the history of the sheep, the sheep herders and the sheep wagons with many different designs. Over 100 photos. 192 pages. Soft cover, 10 X 7 "


Sleds-sleighs-sleighing Sleds, Sleighs and Sleighing, Susan's Supplement. by Susan Green. this is a continuation of information from the Horse Drawn Sleighs book.
376 pages packed full of illustrations, fashion plates for sleighs, painting and striping advise, iron work and upholsters. 1,000 patent drawings for building sleighs and sleds, foot warmers, runners for wheeled vehicles, how shafts were connected and many illustrations and graphics from the early newspapers and magazines. 376 pages. 8 1/2 x 11"  soft cover.

$43 + $12 s/h

Springfield Wagons Catalog Number 41 This shows a few of their farm, lumber, and log wagons, the gears, wheel sizes, weights and prices from 1915. 32 pages soft cover, 8 X 6"



Springs For Horse-drawn Vehicles, Susan Green, and Don Peloubet published by the Carriage Museum of America. This the first comprehensive book on the subject of body springs on the gears for the horse-drawn vehicles. Softcover 254 pages, 9 X 12" profusely illustrated. Limited to 250 copies.

$40 + $12 s/h


Stagecoach Rare Views of the Old West 1849-1915 Sandor Demlinger Over 200 authentic photos of life in the old west. The Stagecoaches, wagons, towns and the people who lived on the frontier of America. Abbott Downing & Henderson stagecoaches and so much more 176 slick pages. 11 X 8 "



Stagecoach Building, The How to Book of. Jay D. Lambert. Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build a working Wells Fargo style stage coach. Soft cover 8 X 11".

Our of print and I don't know if Jay's heirs will reprint or not. I hope so! It's a great book.


Stagecoaches Across the American West 1850-1920 John A Sells. This is an historically accurate and a comprehensive guide on how the stagecoach contributed to the settling of the West. 36 b&w photos, 27 color photos, 16 page color section. 11 x 8 " Soft cover, 336 pages.

$44.95 + $12 s/h


Step-by-Step Guide to Rebuilding Spring Wagons Bob & Charlotte Marshall. This book is about the Marshall's experience with building a spring wagon, the modifications they made and why. They give recommendations based on their experiences and tell you about the mistakes they made along the way. Well illustrated. 240 pages, soft cover 8 1/4 x 6 3/8"



Stokes & Son Steam Carriage, Van and Waggon Works This is a facsimile edition published by John Thompson in 1988 of the 1890 catalog. This company manufactured a wide variety of vehicles from carts to vans. Well illustrated with a few dimensions on some of the vehicles. 7   X 9 " soft cover 60 pages.



Studebaker Bros. Mfg. Co. More of their vehicles including the farm, plantation, ranch, freight, coal, ore log wagons and lumber truck, hand carts, dump carts, platform spring and dead axle street sprinklers and one horse sprinkler, ice wagons, light & heavy drays and passenger vehicles. 205 pages, 8 X 11"

$24.95 s/h $11


Studebaker Delivery Wagon Catalog #801 A copy of this catalog showing the vehicles and over all dimensions, and descriptions for commercial use. About 100 pages. Soft cover. 8 X 11"



Studebaker Trade Catalog 1911 This looks like a collection of several Catalogs bound together. Studebaker Wagons #320; Business Medium Grade and High Grade Delivery Wagons #431; Carriages & Passenger Wagons #432; and World Vehicles #433. About 1” thick. No total page count, but it is big.

$42.95 s/h $12

supply-wagon Supply Wagon, Civil War 1858 model form the US quartermaster and US Ordnance  138 pages. See more books of plans for Civil War cannons, limber, etc
$50 + $12 s/h

A Treatise on Carriages William Felton. First published in 1794-1796 for the purchase, maintenance and repair of carriages including painting, trimming and harness making. Two volumes in one.720 pages. Hardcover 6 X 9",

$65 + $12 s/h This book is still in Print, but not many left.

The Twenty Mule Team of Death Valley, Images of America. Ted Faye, an historian for US Borax tells the story of the 20 Mule teams well know for hauling Borax across Death Valley from 1883 to 1888. The book is filled with wonderful photos of the mules, the wagons, the towns, the drivers and the stories they told. Bibliography included. 128 pages, soft cover. Plans are available - here.


Two - Wheeled Vehicles for Equine Carriage Museum of America, taken from the old Carriage Monthly and Hub magazines. An incredible source of info on the carts, sulkies, gigs and other 2 wheel vehicles. Lots of scale drawings and construction info plus historical info. Soft cover. 342 pages.9 X 12". This book is back in print and a must for your library!

$55 + $12 s/h


Wagon-Making in the United States Paul A. Kube with contributions by Clayton E. Ray & Cathy L. Wegener A study of the Gruber Wagon Works at Mt. Pleasant, PA from 1885 to 1956. 113 b&w figures, glossary, appendices, bibliography, index. Soft cover 6 X 9", 264 pages



The Weber Wagon. Lots of information about the wagons made for specific parts of the country, with the specs, equipment and extras, parts and measurements from the Weber Wagons. 63 pages. soft cover 8 x 11:


Wells Fargo Stagecoach, Images of America Dr. Robert J. Chandler. Historic photos representing the banking company, the men and women who worked for the company and the stagecoaches that transported the people, mail and gold. 128 pages, soft cover, 6 x 9 "



Wheelmaking Carriage Museum of America This is a very technical book to continue your education on wheelwrighting. It is a compilation of articles from the trade journals from the 19th century.248 pages, 9 x 12", Soft cover

$29.95 + $12 s/h


Wheels Across America: Daniel D. Hutchins Limited edition of 1,000  signed and numbered. Over 5,000 builders listed. B & W and Color advertising posters, photos of vehicles and lots of info! 8 3/4 x 11 1/4", Hard cover, 234 pages.

$39.95 + $12 s/h This book is back print!  I have two copies from first printing for $60 each.


Wheels Across America Vol 2  Volume II is now available the author shares even more of his extensive, early and rare collection of original manufacturer’s catalogs and documents along with a great display of photos & images from numerous public and private collections. Wheels Across America completely describes this important facet of American craftsmanship in a comprehensive tribute to the art of these makers and their history.
Also includes a special on today’s craftsmen. Over 400 photos of: Carriages, Carts, Coaches, Buggies, Wagons, Hearses, Sleighs & Bobs, Fire Equipment, Farm Implements, Chuck Wagons, Stagecoaches, Circus Wagons and Commercial vehicles of all description.
$34.95  or buy both Volume 1 and Volume 2 for $69.95

Wheels, Wheels, Wagons and More Mel DeWitt. A great instruction book for learning how to build wheels. Full of black & white photos, charts and drawings. Considered one of the best book on the subject. A text book for wheelwrighting instructors. 106 pages Soft cover / spiral bound; 8 X 11"

$50 These are out of print - I still have a few in stock. No more will be printed.


Wheelwrighting: A Modern Introduction Bruce & Joyce Morrison. The most comprehensive book on making wooden wheels. making shop tools, source list, and so much more! 372 pages 8 X 11" Spiral bound for easy reference.

$46.50 + $12 s/h

Wheelwrighting-II Wheelwrighting II - available Now! 
Click here for Index

$46.50 + $12 s/h

The Wheelwright's Trade John Thompson. This book includes a fascinating selection of rare photographs showing the manufacture of cart and carriage wheel. 72 pages. 7 X 9 "



Working Drawings of Horse Drawn Vehicles Carriage Museum of America. This book is one of the greatest collection of plans for building over 100 vehicles. Taken from the trade journals it is to help build full sized vehicles. Comes in a three ring binder. Lots of detail. Over sized book! To see a list of plans in this book click on the Table of Contents

$60 + $18 s/h

Add $8 shipping and handling for the first book and $2.00 each additional unless otherwise noted. I mail First Class or Priority. If you prefer Media mail to save money let me know. Contact me for price to ship to other countries. No online ordering except with www.paypal.com. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, money orders and checks in US funds from US Banks.
I can often find books that are out of print - let me know if you are looking for something in particular. Here are a few rare or collectable books I have in stock when I can get them.
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