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Model Wheels for Horse-Drawn Vehicles

     The wheels are the most difficult part to make for your model horse drawn vehicle. If you decide you do not want to make your own, I have a few sources for wheels. The wood wheels are hand cut and assembled. Minimal sanding will be needed before being stained or painted. I keep a few of these wheels in stock - large orders may require two weeks to fill. I have added a chart at the bottom of this page to help determine the size wheel you may need.
I am very sad to say my previous wheel maker, Dale Brown passed away. I still have some of his wheels in stock and all sales will be limited to stock on hand at the clearance price of $15 each + s/h. Here are the wheels I have in stock by Dale. DB-3-4-5-wheels 
 The A series  have 1/4 inch rims with 1/8th in spokes.
 The B series have 3/8th inch rims with 3/16th inch spokes and heavier hubs.

 DB - 4 3/4"B - one in stock
 DB - 5"B - one in stock
 DB 5"A - two in stock
 DB 5.5"A - two in stock
 DB - 7"A - one in stock

New - wooden wheels made in USA by Phil Harris

These can be made in any volume - please allow time for larger orders.

Model wheels
Diameter Sizes:  Ph = Phil Harris
Ph 3.5,
Ph 4,  Ph 4.5
Ph 5,  Ph 5.5
Ph 6"
Model wheels

If you have a special project you may specify the axle hole diameter. Consider 3/16” hole to be standard, but if you want an 1/8” axle hole you must specify this at the time of your order.  Hubs are all the same size (5/8” diameter x ” long)  no matter the wheel diameter with 12 spokes. The minimum cross section of the rims is ” wide by 5/16” tall anything thinner becomes too fragile.

Model wheels $20 each wheel + $8 minimum s/h for up to four - s/h on larger orders will be determined

Deluxe Wooden Wheels from England

Wood-wheel Click on the picture for a larger view. It explains the measurements.    These are pretty authentic and made in segments. They are for the 1/8th and 1/12th scale plans.  All dimensions are in millimeters unless other wise noted.
     Below are the part numbers and the dimensions as shown in the diagram above these are in millimeters unless other wise noted.
Part # Approx diameter in inches A B C D E F G Price each wheel  
C120 4" 120 8 8 4 8 25 27 $24.00
D105 4 1/2" 105 11 11 6 10 32 35 $25.00
E155 6 1/8" 155 11 11 6 10 32 35 $26.00
No idea how long these will be available. Supply is limited. S/h approx $8, call or email for bulk orders.

Plastic Molded Wheels

Plastic-wheels   These wheels come in only 2 sizes, the small are 48mm diameter by 3.2mm wide rims and 12 spokes. The Large wheel is 72mm diameter by 3.2mm wide with 14 spokes.
  These are about 1 13/16 inch for the small wheel and 2 3/4 inch for the larger wheel. The tire is about 1/8 inch wide and the hole for the axle is about 1/16 inch.  S/h will be $7 for up to 4 sets.
Part # HW1 (two large and two small) set of 4 are $5.00
Part # HW2 (four large about 2 3/4inch) set of 4 are $5.75
Part #HW3 (four small about 1 13/16 inch) set of 4 are $4.65

New plastic wheels PA small 3 1/16"  and/or PA large 3 ⅝"

Choice of yellow, red or black - $1.00 each. S/h will be $5 for one to four wheels.
 The first photo shows the two different sizes. Bulk orders welcome.
Order PA, small or large plastic and color choice.
Large & Small
Plastic-red-wheel plastic-black-wheel

Scale Model Wood Finish Molded Plastic Wheels

mouldered-wheels All plastic wheels are made to give an authentic wood finish and feature a true scale turned hub, drilled for 1/4" axle. The rims give the appearance of felloes, and the spokes are shaped. They will accept brass rims, and can be painted any color. They come dark brown as pictured. There is a typical dish to the wheels. Mailing priority $8 for a pair an up to 4 pair. Bulk orders welcome.
Diameter Approx.  inches Part Number Price per pair
70mm 2 3/4" diameter,  5/16" wide CW275 $4.40
83mm 3 1/4" diameter, 3/8" wide CW325 $4.70
114mm 4 3/8" diameter, 5/8" wide CW450 $6.90

All prices are in US funds - shipping and handling is extra.


Here is a good guideline for deciding what size wheel you will need to make a model from a full size wheel.

To get the scale you multiply the bottom number of the fraction by the actual size of the wheel. For example a 4.5" wheel at 1/12 scale would be equivalent to a 54" diameter wheel.  A 4.5" wheel at 1/9 scale would be 40". A 4" wheel x 9 would be a a 36" wheel at 1/9th scale. I hope this is helpful.            

                                                4"        4.5"            5"            5.5"

                        1/9   Scale      36"         40"            45"            50"

                        1/12 Scale      48"         54"            60"            66"

                        1/8   Scale      32"        36"            40"             44"


 For Carriage Bolts, lamps and other parts click here.     Tips for the model builder


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