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  Plans for building wagons, carriages, carts and sleighs or other horse drawn vehicles. Some of these plans are suitable for making full sized vehicles while others are better for making models or display vehicles. I will advise you with each plan maker. Click on the underlined links below to see pictures of the vehicles available from each provider. S/h will be $8 - several plans may fit in the mailer. Additional postage may be applied depending of volume and weight. Mailing to other countries will be more.

Ivan Collins Plans These plans were drawn by Ivan Collins and reproduced by the Oregon Historical Society in Portland, Oregon. These would be better for the model makers - but they would only offer a proportionate guideline for people building a full size vehicle. Most of these plans are on a 1/8th scale and are for non-commercial use only. There is also a great book with color photos of this collection called "Historical Vehicles in Miniature". See the book list for Making Model Horse Drawn Vehicles.

Southwest Wagon & Wheel Plans These plans are on 8 X 11" sheets with written specs & construction data for building full size vehicles. The plans were revised by Southwest Wagon & Wheel Works from copies of the Carriage Monthly, one of the vehicle builder's trade publication from the late 1800's and early 1900's. I am the exclusive source for these plans.

Stan Teitge These plans are drafted from the traditional vehicles. There are scale drawings with full size dimensions. There are now 9 vehicle plans including the Meadowbrook Cart, Buckboard, Mud Wagon and other horse-drawn vehicles.

John Thompson  Many of these plans were taken out of the old trade journals for building full size vehicles and some were drawn for the model maker. There is a lot of detail in each set and there is a big variety of vehicle plans.
     Page 2 for more of the English vehicle plans
     Page 3 of Thompson's plans. for English plows and farm implements
Wagonmaster Even though these were designed for model vehicles, the plans are so detailed they would make a great guideline for building a full size horse drawn vehicle. They show every nut, bolt and board.
Windyhill Woods Books with the plans and templates to help you build display wheels, wagons and western memorabilia. These are for display ONLY! Not for use with horses.
The 20 Mule Team Borax Wagons Drawn by James Sherman - Master Modeler. Here is an awesome set of plans on 13 pages showing the blueprints of the borax wagons and water wagon

Civil War Era Artillery for the Land Service for the United States - these plans are bound plans in a book format with details for the Caisson, Field guns, Limber, Traveling Forge and more - from the Ordnance Department original resources.

Army Covered Wagon for Six Mules- Civil War Era. This set of plans is on 2 large sheets of paper about 32" long and about 24 inches wide. They were hand-drawn and use to build a full size Escort wagon. These are rolled and mailed in a tube or you may order them folded. I will also include the instructions for building this vehicle taken from the Army Quartermaster requirements. I retyped it in a larger print size for easier reading. 
Midwest Carriage made plans for making a model Amish Family Carriage and a Landau. These are for 1/12th scale models.
For more information about horse-drawn vehicles - see the pages:
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 To order - you may send a US check or money order; mail or phone in with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or pay with PayPal- using my Email account books@wildhorsebooks.com. Be sure to include what you are ordering and the s/h charges. I do not have online ordering at this time other than with your PayPal account. Orders to other countries will require more postage. You may email me for shipping rates.


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