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Draft Horse Books and Video

Books on working and training draft horses. S/h is $8 first book $2 each additional unless otherwise stated.


The Book of Draft Horses The Gentle Giants that Built the World Donna Campbell Smith New book that focuses on the History, Breeds, Breeding, Buying considerations, Health care, Showing draft horses, Draft Horse Pulls and using them for Pleasure. This book does cover briefly a few showing guidelines. Hard cover some color pages, 147 pages.



Brabant Horses Built for Work, DVD with Karen Gruner of the American Brabant Association. The video covers a brief history of the breed, the disposition and working ability of this gentle breed of horses, and its relationship with the American Belgian horse.

$28.00 DVD


Bringing In The Hay A nostalgic history of agriculture's most romantic crop, by David A. Asson. A huge variety of photos in b&w and color showing the methods of putting up hay using sickles, scythes, mowers, rakes, tedders, loaders and stackers of all sorts. This book has a delightful blend of nostalgia, history and resourceful information for people who want to farm with horses or want to identify the relics at the sales and on the farms - especially in the west. 124 pages. Soft cover, 8 X 11"

$24.00  autographed copies!


A Century of Belgian Horses, Maurice Telleen. The history, development and breeding of Belgian horses in the United States up to 1989. 499 pages, 900 photos & illustrations. Soft cover.  8 x 11"

$35.00 + $12 s/h


Clay Maier has a series of 4 DVD sets to help you work and train your horses to drive. Because there are several of these I wanted to include them as a group instead of alphabetically by title. He is using Frisians in these training tapes. All for DVDs for $250 + $10 s/h The first instruction is:

1. Introduction to Long Reins "Long reining, long lining or ground driving" a training technique by different names. This works well for young horses and the older horse.

$67 2 DVD set  $6 s/h


2. Advanced Long Reining "A great follow-up to the Introduction to Long Reins. Learn how and why lateral movement taught from the ground can be a benefit to your horse."

$67 2 DVD set + $6 s/h or order any two sets for $130 + $8 s/h


3. Tandem Riding "Expand your horsemanship skills and the relationships with your horses with the challenge and fun of tandem riding. And find out what to look for in horses and equipment."

$67 2 DVD set + $6 s/h


4. Train Your Horse To Drive "An easy-to-understand, safe, thorough system for training your horse to pull a carriage. Also included, tips on selecting your first carriage.

$67 - 2 DVD set + $6 s/h


Discovering Horse-Drawn Farm Machinery Shire Classics D. J. Smith This small book is packed full of information on the early Victorian agricultural machinery including the plough, grubbers, cultivators, harrows, rollers, drills, reapers, binders, root lifters, manure spreaders, rakes and other types of implements. 4 1/2 x 7" soft cover 96 pages.

$13.95 + $4 s/h


Doc Hammill's Horsemanship Video Series - Fundamentals I Doc Hammill DVM and Tom Triplett, Master Horseman Gentle, effective techniques for driving and working horses in harness.  Fundamentals One: An introduction to the fundamentals of driving & working horses in harness including.  commands, communicating with the lines, collars, harness, bits, harnessing, hitching and more. 2 hour DVD

Fundamentals I and II for $89.95 + $9 s/h


Doc Hammill's Horsemanship Video Series Fundamentals II Doc Hammill DVM and Tom Triplett, Master Horseman. Gentle, effective techniques for driving and working horses in harness.  Fundamentals Two: A continuation of the first tape plus harness adjustment, adjusting team lines, discussion of bits, fitting collars, intro to mowing, skidding logs and more. 2 hour DVD

 Fundamentals I and II for $89.95 + $9 s/h


Doc Hammill's Horsemanship Video Series III Doc Hammill DVM and Tom Triplett, Master Horseman. Hooking up lines, harness, pulling and holding back, foot care, attaching doubletrees and more.

 Fundamentals III and IV for $89.95 + $9 s/h


Doc Hammill's Horsemanship Video Series IV Doc Hammill DVM and Tom Triplett, Master Horseman Intro to working in the woods, foot care, harness discussion, breast and pole strap options, bridles and check reins, using buckback rope and more.

 Order all 4 DVDs for  $175 + $10.00 s/h for all 4 videos

Doc Hammill's The Horses Can Do It! A delightful half hour for children of all ages. How will the work be done on Doc's Montana Ranch?  Why of course... The Horses Can Do It! Available in  DVD

$19.95 +  $6 s/h


Doc Hammill's Teaching Horses to Drive A Ten Step Method. Communicating in the horse's own language leads to better understanding and allows the horse to feel safe and comfortable which in turns helps them to succeed. 10 easy steps produces calm, comfortable, willing, dependable driving horses, mules, ponies and donkeys.

$89.95   - 2 DVD set 3 hours


Gentle Training - the Round Pen Doc Hammill Using a young Clydesdale horse, Doc carefully explains round pen techniques throughout three complete training sessions captured in real time. 3 Disc set / 6 hours

  $120 +  $6 s/h


Draft Horse Images Robert Mischka All color photos with stories about several top shows, the Circus parade, famous hitches and events that use the draft horses at work and show. Soft cover.  160 pages. 8 X 11"



Draft Horse Primer Maurice Telleen. A Guide to the selection, care and use of work horses and mules today. Great for beginners. Many illustrations with black & white photos. 386 pages. This book is now out of print but I have found a few used copies.



Draft Horses an Owner's Manual Dr. Beth Valentine DVM and Mike Wildenstein, farrier. This book covers the aspects of caring for draft horses, basics and monitoring their health, describing things that can go wrong and what to do. 236 pages. Soft Cover. 8 X 11"



Draft Horses and Mules Harnessing Equine Power for Farm and Show Gail Damerow & Alina Rice. Covering selection of breeds of horses, mules, communicating with equine, housing, feeding, health care, first aid, harnessing and driving, and working with draft power for farming & logging. Lots more info! Many B&W photos and a few sections of color photos. A great book for the beginner. 272 Pages, soft cover, 8 x 10 7/8"



Draft Horses Today Robert Mischka The best book for contemporary information in full color showing the used of draft horses and mules in North America. 176 pages, 290 color photos. Hard Cover. 8 X 11"



Driving Draft Horses DVD with Brandt Ainsworth This video offers tips and techniques for correct ways to handle lines for comfort and safety, the use of voice commands, driving a team or single horse, ground driving, backing a team and more.

$32.00 DVD


Farming with Horses Steve Bowers & Marlen Steward New book with lots of helpful information on harness, collars, hitching your horse to implements, how to maintain lateral and longitudinal alignment with proper rein grip, and more. All color photos and illustrations. 160 pages, 8 X 11" Steve also has a series of video and DVDs on driving and training.



Haying With Horses  Lynn Miller. A wonderful book giving information on how to make hay with horses using old and newer equipment. 350 + pages, with hundreds of drawings and photos. A must for your farming with horses library! Soft cover. 8 X 11”

$32.95 + $12 s/h soft cover


Harnessing, Hitching and Driving Steve Bowers A more advanced presentation of harnessing, hitching and driving for the beginner and experienced driver. Drawings to explain alignment. Stories by Ol' Stumpy for humor and entertainment. 100 minutes.

$60.00+ $8 s/h DVD  -

20% discount for VHS $48 + s/h limited to the one copy in stock.


Harnessing Work Horses, DVD with Brandt Ainsworth - this video will show you how to select the harness and collar to suit your needs and how to fit and adjust it to keep your horse comfortable.

$34.00 DVD


Horse-Drawn Loose Haying DVD at the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, Deer Lodge, Montana. A Video-Mike production. This video was filmed during the annual celebration for the G-K Ranch which at one time was one of the largest cattle ranches in the west. Once a year the National Park brings teamsters from around Montana to show how horses were used to mow, rake and stack hay using a Beaverslide in the early 1900's. 47 minutes on DVD. Fascinating! Here is a short on youtube.

$20 + $6 s/h


Horse Drawn Plows and Plowing Lynn Miller. Everything you have ever wanted to know about this subject. Profusely illustrated. It's another great book by this author. 366 pages. Soft cover.  8 X 11"

$32.95 + $12 s/h


Horse-Drawn Tillage Tools. Discs, Harrows, Rollers, Cultivators & More. Lynn Miller. 368 pages.  8 X 11"  Soft cover.

$32.95  + $12 s/h


The Horsedrawn Mower Book: Restoration & Operation of McCormick #9 Mowers, Lynn Miller The title should tell you all you need to know except that Mr. Miller has created another "gotta have" book for people who are using the #9 mowers with their horses. How to operate, upgrade, repair and maintain the mower. He also has chapters on the John Deere and other mowers. Big 352 pages, 8 x 11" approx. Soft Cover.

$32.95 + $12 s/h


Implements for Farming with Horses & Mules. A Modern All-in-One Manual Sam Moore. Valuable information on farming with horses and mules using the equipment produced today - from tillage, planting & cultivating, hay harvesting, and other harvesting equipment including binders, threshers, combines, corn & potato harvesting machinery. Also Forecarts, spreaders and farm vehicles. Full of color and black & white photos and diagrams. 8 x 11" soft cover, 288 pages. If you are farming today with horses - you should have this book!

$38 + $7 s/h


It's Showtime A Beginner's Guide to Showing Draft Horses. Robert Mischka 1998 This book covers grooming, transporting, shoeing, braiding manes & tails, and what the judge is looking for. 140 black & white photos. 128 pages. Hardcover



Learning to Drive Multiple Hitches Steve Bowers VHS only. This method is taught using the bicycle training device to drive singles, pairs, three, four, five and six abreast. Plans are included to build your own training device. 40 minutes. This video is soon to retire and will not be reproduced.

$40 + $6 s/h


The Percheron Horse in America Joseph Mischka. A documentation of the Percheron horse in the history of America. 100 black & white photos. 179 pages. 7 X 10"


Also see the World Percheron Congress 2010 DVD $20


Selecting, Training, and Using Draft Horses Merle Saxon A helpful booklet for newcomers to draft horses to choose the draft horse breeds and how to use them. Black and white photos. 46 pages. 7 X 9"



The Shire Horse A History of the Breed, the Society and the Men. Keith Chivers. Forward by HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. The only book devoted to the history, commerce and social condition of the Shire horse through the changing of times. If you love the Shire horses and want to know the history - this book is for you. Hardcover with dust cover, over 850 pages! It is big! 8 x 9 "

Out of print. I might be able to find some copies if you want one.

So you want to Show Draft Horses Draft Horse Journal A 44 page pamphlet explaining how to judge, show and care for draft horses. Also shows how to braid manes and tails. 8 X 11".  This is out of print buy I have a few copies left in stock.


Starting A Team Dave Feltenberger  14 chapters with black and white photos on how to teach horses to lead, back, harness, ground drive and drive a team or single horse. 6" x 9" soft cover, 94 pages.


A Teamster's View Steve Bowers Steve complied a collection of articles he wrote about hooking and driving draft horses and light horses. He shares his 30 years of training horses and 20 years of teaching about driving in this informative book. He also produced a set of very informative videos available on this site as well.

Out of print, I just found a copy gently used $50.00


Teaching Horses to Drive - a Ten step Method, Doc Hammill. Gentle Training: Communicating in the horse's own language makes sense to them. This DVD allows horses to feel safe & comfortable which helps them succeed. 10 easy steps builds success one step at a time to produce calm, comfortable, willing, dependable driving horses, mules, ponies and donkeys. 2 DVDs  - 3 hours.

$89.95 - DVD


They Did It With Horses A collection of over 400 photos from the early 1900s showing horses at work doing their many tasks. Hardcover. 8 X 11"



This Was Wheat Farming, A pictorial history of the farms and farmers of the Northwest who grow the nation's wheat, Kirby Brumfield.  Lots of black and white photos to depict the history of wheat, the mills, growers, binding, heading and threshing, crewmen and women, sweep power, steam power, 32 horsepower combined harvester, cost comparisons between tractor and horse farming and more. 192 pages 8 x 11" soft cover.



Training the Driving Horse DVD Steve Bowers A two tape set shows how Steve trained horses to drive, single and as a team, starting with how to train a horse to lead so the horse learns to respect and respond to the trainer. 110 minutes.

$60 + $7 s/h


Training Workhorses/ Training Teamsters Lynn Miller The first part is on training and correcting problems. The second part teaches the craft of driving. 352 pages. Soft cover 8 X 11"

$32.95 + $12 s/h

Waverly-sale Waverly Midwest Horse Sale DVD a Video-Mike Production. If you have never been to this incredible draft horse sale you can see 75 minutes of it on this DVD. If you have been to Waverly you might like to see famous and infamous characters who put on the sale or who have gone to it for many years. A very nice tribute to the best driving horse sale in the country.
$20 DVD  - Sale price is $15 while supplies last.

Work Horse Handbook 2nd Edition Lynn Miller. Detailed information on working and hitching draft horses from single to the multi-hitches. Many diagrams and measurements on the equipment used, how to run the lines and more. 366 pages, Soft cover. 8 X 11" A must-have book for all teamsters.

$32.95 + $12 s/h


Working Horses Charles Philip Fox A great book loaded with over 300 historical photos showing how horses did everything that needed to be done in the early 1900's. 250 pages. Hard cover with dust jacket. 8 X 11 "

World-percheron World Percheron Congress 2010 a Video-Mike Production. An hour and 26 minutes showing 850 head of spectacular Percherons- the largest draft horse show ever. 33 - six horse hitches, line classes, hitch classes, feed team races, sulky plow matches an so much more at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. If this doesn't give you goose-pimples then you don't love horses! Here is a short on youtube.

$20 DVD
Shipping & Handling (s/h) to US addresses add $8 for the first book, unless otherwise noted. Add $2.00 for each additional book. I mail USPS Priority. Book rate is available if you want to save a little money - ask for rates. Contact me for cost to ship orders to other countries. I ship all over the world.
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If you would like to learn how to drive horses, improve your driving, or if you are looking to buy a draft or driving horse see what we have available at our other site the Fraser School of Driving

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