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The Coachbuilder Atlas of Scale Drawings third series

Automobile Body, Stanhope Phaeton

Baker’s Delivery Cart

Baker’s Delivery Waggon – 2 styles

Break, Two-Horse

Bracket Front Body, Square Cut

Buck-board, Two Seat

Business Waggon

Butcher’s Order Cart

Butcher’s Order Waggon

Cab, Square Brougham

Cab, Sydney Hansom

Coal Box Body

Corning Bod7 with Curved Sides

Dairy Float

Dog Cart, small, four-wheel

Dray, Tip

Delivery Cart, London

Eureka Cart

Express Waggon on Platform Undercarriage

Express Waggon, Three- seat

Floating Rail Cart

Gig Body

Gig, Light

Gig with Cab Front


Lorry. Farm

Meat Waggon, Sydney

Mutton Truck

Order Cart Body, Light

Pagnel Cart, with Three seats

Phaeton Body, Pony

Phaeton, Hooded, single

Phaeton Hooded with three seats

Phaeton, solid Panel, Spider

Prince George Cart body

Rabbit Trapper’s Waggon

Rosa Buggy

Rustic Cart with pole

Sulky, Phaeton

Sulky, Long Shaft

Sulky, Tray

Spring Cart Body

Station Waggon, Two-seat

Trolley, South African

Timber Waggon, Heavy

Waggonette, Street

Waggon, Platform

Waggon, Farm


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