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The Coachbuilder Atlas of Scale Drawings second series

     Four Wheeled Vehicles

Ambulance Van

Ambulance Waggon, Military

Carrier’s Express Waggon

Creamery Waggon

Drag, Fifteen passenger

Drag, Pleasure

Dog Cart, Full size

Farmer’s Shifting Seat Trap

Farm Waggon – 2 styles


Hearse, open

Jump Seat Buggy

Lorry, Double

Phaeton, Hooded

Phaeton, Pony, Hooded, showing English forecarriage

Phaeton, Pony Hooded, showing Perch forecarriage

Piano Box Buggy

Single Seat Buggy

Spindle Buggy Waggon

Surrey, Open

Spider Buggy

Squatter’s Express – 2 styles

Skeleton Waggon

Stanhope Waggon

Station Trap

Two Seat Trap

Tray Buggy, Light

Thoroughbrace Waggon

Tip Waggon

Table Top Waggon


Waggonette, Convertible

Waggonette, Street

     Two Wheeled Vehicles

Break, One horse

Cabriolet, Two Wheel

Cab Front Two Wheel

Daisy Cart

Delivery Cart, Warehouseman’s

Dog Cart

Dog Cart, Slatted – two styles

Gig, Elliptic Springs

Gig, Curved Panel

Gig, Taupo

Hackney Cart

Hose Cart, Fire Brigade

Milk Cart, Low set

Order Cart, Light

Pagnel Cart

Panel Cart

Prince George Cart

Road Cart

Road Cart, Spindle

Road Cart, 3 springs

Road Cart with Gig Body

Sliding Seat Cart

Sulky with Divided Seat

Sulky, Phaeton style

Sulky, Spindle

Sulky, Pole

Sulky, Trotting – 2 styles

Spring Dray

Whitechapel Cart


Canoe Front Buggy

Convertible Buggy, Drop Seat

 Convertible Buggy, Federal  

Convertible Buggy, Folding Seat

Fantail Turnout Seat

Jump Seat Buggy Waggon

Manchester Cart

Stanhope Gig

Turnover Seat Buggy, Shell Back


Ambulance, Hand, Ashford Litter

Auckland Road Cart

Buggy Falls Designs

Confectioner’s Waggon

Corning Buggy

Double Pole Undercarriage

Decorating a Bakers’ Cart suggestions

Hooded Farmer’s Buggies

Palace Car

Pony Cart

Royal Cypher

Sinking Tyring Platform – 2 styles


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