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Bonnie Shields

   Anyone who is serious about mules knows who B. Shields is - or at least they SHOULD know. Bonnie is the famous Tennessee Mule Artist. For real! All states have a tree, flower, bird, etc, well Tennessee has a State Mule Artist and that is Bonnie. She now lives in Idaho and still uses mules in her art. I have a few of her prints here on my site but some may be out of edition and there are usually others I have not added. Prices are subject to change. Bonnie also does bronzes and has illustrated many books - Jasper the story of a Mule is now a series of kid's book and also an animated movie. You can find those on my web site here - Kids
Limited Edition of only 80!
This framed print measures 16" x 14" and is sold, but unframed prints are available!
11" x 13" print of an adorable desert burro
Pencil rendering, beaded native bridle and tassels in full color. Open edition
12 3/4" x 15 1/5" paper size
10 5/8" x 13 1/8" image area. Open edition
12" x 16" Full color
Open edition
16" x 20" Pencil
Limited Edition of 500
Artist copies
15" x 20" full color
bay mule, blues in background.
Very limited number left.
15" x 19" Full color,
sorrel mule, green background.
Can be personalized with your name on pack. Limited Edition of 200
Another new print of an adorable mule foal
having a romp in the field. Limited edition of 80
$35 each
14" x 15" Full color,
black mule, yellow flowers, mountain scene.
Limited Edition of 200

11" x 14" Pencil on grey, spots of color
(red tassel, gold brass).
Limited Edition of 200

12" x 16" Full color, open edition
Shipping and handling will vary. Call or email for price. Allow $9 to $20 depending on size of print and your location. These are shipped flat.

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