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Chris Cummings

   Most of the prints are Limited Edition Artist Proofs - making them even more collectible than the limited edition as there are fewer of them, and they come direct from the artist. They are all signed and numbered as A/P (artist proof) by the artist. Shipping costs is $20 each These will be shipped flat and not in a tube. Availability is limited to stock on hand and the price may change without notice or update on the site.
The comments in quotes are by Chris Cummings. There are many more prints available, if you are interested in seeing them, let me know. Some originals are still available.
Evening in Spring

 Image size 17" x 23" A/P  $125

Fire Call

Image size 16" x 21" A/P $95

Stable Boy "For me there is something very poignant about the early 1900's, which I tried to capture in this portrait of a young stable boy and his favorite horse."

 Image size 20" x 15" A/P $95

Winter Delivery "Farmers used sleighs in winter to deliver their cream or whole milk to the creamer. In 'Winter Delivery,' I wanted to portray the farmer and his team as he headed towards his farm, framed by the snow-covered branches and flecked with snow."

Image size 22" x 20" A/P $125

Autumn Bridge "With the morning mists rising off the river below, a team begins to cross the old stone bridge, framed and highlighted by the sunlight."

Image size 18" x 24"  A/P $175

Summer Bridge

Image size 18" x 27" A/P  $175

Winter Bridge

Image size 18" x 24" A/P $175

Snowfall  (this is out of print but I still have Artist Proofs available for a limited time. ) $175
Image size 24" x 18"
check on availability

also December Snowfall A/P $145
Image size 24" x 18"

Santiam Crossing  "The setting for this painting is the North Santiam River which flows down the west side of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. It is crossed by many bridges, and with its winter covering of snow makes a nice backdrop for this team of Percherons."

Image size 161/2" x 25"  A/P $125

Winter Gold "Out for some exercise on a winter's day, the horses are heading back to the barn, thoughts of their dinner foremost in their minds."

Image size 17" x 23"  A/P $145

Pastoral Clydesdales  "There is something very peaceful and reassuring about watching horses as they relax in their pasture and quietly graze. I wanted to capture that feeling of peace and contentment."

Image size 18" x 27"  A/P $125

Snow King

Image Size 18" x 24"   $145.00

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